WordPress 4.4.1 Security & Maintenance Release is Now Available

WordPress Maintenace & Security Update: WordPress, which started as a simple blogging platform has now flourished into a successful content management system. This open-source technology continues to lure the online retailers and bloggers with its incredible features and functionalities. The last major release from WordPress was WordPress 4.4 version, in 2015. Brand new Twenty Sixteen default theme, responsive images out of the box, external embedding facility and some of the noteworthy under the hood improvements are the new features of WordPress 4.4.

Recently, WordPress 4.4.1 was released and is now available for download. It is a security release for WordPress 4.4 and its earlier versions. A total of 36 developers contributed to 4.4.1 release. According to the Crtc4L, all the versions could be “affected by a cross-site scripting vulnerability that could allow a site to be compromised”. The new security release includes 52 fixes for WordPress 4.4 and one of which patches the cross script vulnerability. WordPress 4.4.1 also addresses the issues found with the older versions of OpenSSL. It also updates the polyfill used for emoji to support Unicode 8 thereby making it possible to cover all of the latest emoji characters, including the new diverse emoji. Since WordPress 4.4.1 is a security release, all developers and users are strongly advised to initiate the website update process at the earliest.

You may download WordPress 4.4.1 directly. Else, venture over to Dashboard and select the Updates. Click the ‘Update Now’ link and you are done. Websites configured to receive automatic updates may have begun updating the new version.

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