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In the e-commerce world, shopping websites that entice and engage customers is of paramount importance to ensure profitability and growth. This holds more weight today as competition in the e-commerce scenario is stiff and only those companies who offer the best consumer experience survive in the market. There are many options when to comes to choosing the ideal development platform for an e-commerce website, but WooCommerce has made an impact in the market by offering simple handling, developer friendliness, and a robust framework – it has emerged as the go-to solution for most online websites.

WooCommerce 3.0 made a debut in April 2017 with several improvements and new features, some of which are listed below.

Enhanced Product Gallery

Since it debut, WooCommerce has been facing criticism for its not-so-functional product gallery, especially when viewing through mobile devices. But, the new version has eliminated most of the drawbacks and improved its product gallery with more functionality, intuitiveness, and mobile-friendliness.

Here are the main highlights of the improved product gallery;

Shoppers now have access to magnification and zooming of images.
Image thumbnail updates the main image instead of opening an additional Lightbox.
Zooming on mobile devices displays the true size of any image.

Performance Improvements

The improved performance is readily perceivable in the new version, especially when your store is a big one with several hundred products on display.

Post meta in the WordPress database has been replaced by new taxonomies to determine and display product visibility regarding featured and out-of-stock products. With this change, developers can expect the speed to increase by up to 94%.

The checkout performance is improved by deferring emails and the product related queries and upsells in reduced on product and cart pages.

CRUD Classes

Another important aspect that has improved WooCommerce’s performance is the introduction of CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) options. The introduction of CRUD classes has reduced development time, complexity, and improved overall scalability. The update implements them for orders, products, customers, line items, shipping zones, payment tokens, and coupons.

Improved Log System

The Log System has been improved by introducing new handles that make it easier to change the behavior of the logger without needing to replace it. The new Log System now also includes levels such as debug, emergency, critical, alert, or notice.

Bottom Line

WooCommerce 3.0 has made things easier for both the developer and the shopper. The improved gallery function, performance improvements, and better layouts make things exciting for shoppers. And, of the other hand, developers are treated with better scalability, reduced development time, and less margin for errors.

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