Why Use Joomla? Let’s See All Joomla Features and Benefits

Why use Joomla

Joomla! depends on Mambo, a prior CMS, that was made by that product’s development group. The development team made Joomla! to further and secure open source rules that they felt were being endangered. With regards to multifaceted nature, Joomla! puts somewhere between basic WordPress and comprehensive and progressed Drupal.

Joomla stands out amongst the most prominent and award-winning Content Management System (CMS) framework on the planet. With regular updates, it is becoming a reliable choice for leading businesses. This popularity implies that the quantity of pages utilizing Joomla is increasing each day – it’s being used by famous brands, labels, organizations, and institutions for their websites. These Joomla! websites originate from a wide range of classes like business, training, media, sports, photography, news, science, innovation, wellbeing, solution and significantly more. Due to Joomla features and benefits, it is the second-best CMS platform in the world according to W3TECHS. Joomla can be installed and viewed at www.joomla.org. But before you do so, know why to choose Joomla as your CMS partner.

Flexible And Customizable:

Joomla as a collection of 7,974 third party extensions till date which is used by developers for different categories of functions and can be found on extensions.joomla.org – the Joomla Extensions Directory. It also has high-quality templates for free or at a lesser value. The paid templates have special world-class support. With many such templates, the GUI allows changes to colours, layouts, fonts, and functionalities without any coding.

Integrated SEO Tools:

Joomla is empowered with SEO tools to add or edit metadata, keywords, Mod_rewrite support for SEF URL and clear and concise sitemaps with menu creation. When you update your blog or any item on the menu list, it creates a list of pseudonyms as per the default PHP string to keep the links search and user-friendly at the same time.

Joomla is Forever Free:

Joomla is supported by volunteer community worldwide with the belief that this platform should be freely available to all. It is also supported by a huge ecosystem of developers, designers, copywriters, support personnel, system/server administrators who want to give Forever free open source platforms to continuously evolve with technology. You get the advantage of thousands of long hours of development time and ability from developers around the globe free for you to utilize. Being free and open source additionally implies that if you have to change website admins, numerous others are accessible without rebuilding your webpage!

Security With No-Compromise Attitude:

Joomla’s codebase is intended to be very powerful. It additionally has worked in two-factor validation and access control levels. It’s dedicated Security Strike Team dependably endeavors to be on the ball and has a reputation for launching patches before any trouble.


Joomla has about 70 translation packages available and extensive support for multilingual content management with language associations. Joomla gives you a simple and straightforward process of providing developers the ability to create multilingual websites.

Joomla isn’t just a CMS, but also a regular and lightweight PHP structure which enables you to compose web applications in PHP. The Joomla Framework is easily adaptable and can fit as per your necessities. The CMS and framework are autonomous from each other, no compelling reason to introduce the CMS to utilize the framework! An extraordinary case of what you can accomplish with the Joomla Framework is issue tracker.

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