Why Migrate To Drupal 8? Drupal 8 Migrate Module Content Tutorial

Drupal 8 is presently considered as the top content management platform, which is used by many government and non-government agencies, higher education institutions, and global companies. Thus this shows that every user is going to love Drupal, and all the facilities that it has to offer for your business, as well.

So here are some reasons which will convince you to use Drupal 8 as soon as possible-

1. Users using Drupal get amazing quality experiences. Drupal 8 continuing with the legacy has added many more brilliant features, such as in WYSIWYG editor, which helps in easy management and editing of contents, to the user experience. Drupal 8’s enhanced features also include better support for different languages for any user’s multilingual sites, responsive designs, and support for accessibility.

2. Drupal 8 isn’t excessively technical, and includes, user friendly, convenient interface, which can be easily used by editors and admins, to perform tasks such as front end, landing page, data modeling, the architecture of information, installation, and much more.

3. Users can easily learn how to use Drupal 8 with the Drupal 8 user guide, books, forums, and video tutorials.

4. Drupal 8 has most of the modules that users need for business purposes. Drupal 8 has Acquia which helps to accelerate module development for contributed modules.

5. Drupal 8 has many additional features for business purposes. It has automatic packaging which works by analyzing your site and then automatically packaging the site configuration into a set of features, thus saving you the job of having to do everything manually. Some other business-related features of Drupal 8 are Twig; which is a PHP based theming engine that is very fast and secure, themes which get easily adapted to different screen sizes, easy editing of texts, users can easily save drafts, create pages, and effortlessly and easily modifying the existing pages.

6. Drupal 8 has in-build configuration management, that is built at the file system level and enables the users to carry out configuration elements such as content types, views, etc. Moreover, upgrading your Drupal 7 code to Drupal 8 is very easy as Drupal 8 contains Drupal module upgrader, which ensures the best migration process.

Drupal 8 has many features, advancements, and opportunities but users should plan their resources properly and then move to Drupal 8 as it is a very big project.

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