Why google boosts mobile-friendly algorithm

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Goggle has announced to boost the mobile friendly algorithms which was launched in April 15,2015. This news has been updated by google on webmaster blog. According to google, the updates will be executed by the month of May. Google gives the reason for boosting is, to improve the effect of mobile signals.

When the update takes place, it will roll-out automatically. So there is not much more effect on non-mobile friendly when the algorithm is pushed out. Just like slow Panda 4.2 rollout, we are not sure how much months or weeks it will take.

“the mobile friendly algorithm” is defined as a page-by-page signal. It will gradually rollout as google will take long time to assess each page. Now it depends on google on how fast the google crawls and indexes all the pages. Thus, slowly impact will be shown to you on your website.

According to google professionals, the roll out will not show its effect much on original “mobilegeddon”. “mobilegeddon”is the mobile friendly update. It is also said that the original mobilegeddon had much more impact to the mobile friendly sites than the impact of boost is estimated.

For further updates and information, you can check on the Google mobile-friendly tool, and check mobile guidelines.