Why does it take so long to see noticeable results from your website SEO efforts?

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Website SEO efforts are those activities that are performed to achieve a higher-ranked listing of your website on a search engine. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a part of digital marketing activities that deals with the optimization of website pages both at the website code level (On-page) as well as outside the website to improve rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs). These activities include brand building, citation building, content marketing, social media marketing, and more. A good strategy helps achieve improve ranking faster than ad-hoc activities. In this article, we will study why does it take so long to see noticeable results from your website SEO efforts?

A recent survey by Ahrefs; Of 3986 SEO expert respondents, 46% felt it takes 3-6 months to see noticeable results from the SEO efforts. While 21% felt it would take 6-9 months and another 17% vouched for 12+efforts. Undoubtedly, there are several important factors that do play role in the time duration but it is safe to believe an average of 6 months would be needed to begin reaping the fruits of your website SEO efforts.

website seo

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So why would it take 6 months? To answer this question, we need to first understand:

What are the website SEO Efforts?

A good SEO strategy will require implementing step-by-step activities that support and optimize your website for better ranking. These website SEO services can be classified into three buckets

On Page SEOOff Page SEOTechnical SEO
Website ContentLink BuildingSite Speed Optimization
Title and Meta Tag OptimizationContent MarketingStructured Data
Heading Tag OptimizationSocial Media MarketingCanonicalization
Internal Link BuildingPodcastXML Sitemap and Submissions
Image and Alt tag OptimizationReviewsGoogle Search Console

On-Page Website SEO:

This set of activities involves fine-tuning of website pages in order to help search engines read and understand your content better. The tasks include creating and optimizing the contents of pages as per the guidelines laid by search engines, optimizing of meta tags such as title, and description, optimizing images and adding alt tags, and more. On-Page also includes enhancing User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) for easy website navigation and accessibility, readability, and call to action.

Off-Page Website SEO:

These activities are like that which are backstage where we have all the props and materials that are required for a perfect stage performance. These behind the scene activities help strengthen your website presence and establish your domain authority. It includes link building through third-party websites, content marketing through social influencers, social media promotions and viral marketing, electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM), and more.

Technical Website SEO:

These activities are responsible for indexing and crawling your website pages by search engines. The Google Search Console, earlier known as Google Webmaster plays an important role and directs Google Search Engine on how and when to index your website. Speed Optimization and implementation of structured data facilitate the presentation of your website data to search engine users with the right data. A good website makes it easier for better and faster SEO results.


That said, once your website is ready to go live and deployed by website developers, your SEO service providers will work on your website page by page. This exercise would require at least 3-4 weeks based on the size of the website. The Off Page SEO activities require a lot of time and can extend to 8-12 weeks. Technical SEO is an ongoing exercise and acts as a dashboard to review, correct and resubmit your search engine strategies to search engines. About 3 months of rigorous, well-planned SEO plan will help your website to be presented to search engines for indexing. Search Engines like Google would need another few weeks to slowly index and start displaying your website for search terms. Further fine-tuning and ongoing SEO activities by SEO experts will help your website increase its visibility and rank higher for keywords.

All in all the efforts need to be progressive and with a good strategy. This will help achieve organic search engine ranking for your website on targeted keywords. Although such listing takes about 3-6 months, the return on investment is high and long-term. Speak to your relationship manager at Atlas SoftWeb for a free consultation for your website SEO or hire SEO expert now.

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