Why Are Customers Leaving My Website Without Buying?

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No matter how awesome your business website looks, it is important to build a website that sells. After all, what good is a sales manager with decades of work experience and certifications from top universities, but is not able to drive sales for your business. One of the common concerns my potential customers share during their initial discussion is “why are customers leaving my website without buying?” Another question that is equally valuable is “why are my customers abandoning their carts without placing a successful order?” My response to them is that website visitors who have a positive customer experience (CX) will trust your business and are more likely to buy from your website.

It is vital for your business to offer rich customer experience to your website visitors.

 As a matter of fact:

1. According to Forbes, 86% customers are ready to pay more for great customer experience.  They are also willing to pay up to 16% price premium to have this positive consumer experience.

2. According to Deloitte, there is an increase of up to 140% in customer spending when they are offered with positive CX.

3. 64% of customers are willing to recommend a brand to others if they are offered a great buying experience.

How do I offer a positive customer experience?

  • Have a well-designed website: The role of website design becomes paramount for online shopping platforms as the elements of website functionality are expected to generate customer enjoyment, satisfaction, and loyalty (Jeon & Jeong, 2017; Kaabachi et al., 2020; Soni,2021; Tandon et al., 2017). That said, having a well thought, good website designed is the first step to offer positive customer experience to your website visitors.
  • Have the right Call To Actions (CTA): It is your way to channelize visitors and show them what next to do on your website. Keep your CTA clear, clean and crisp. Remove all unwanted clutter around them that make it overwhelming. Your customer’s journey towards checkout should be focused and guided.
  • Showcase your Unique Selling Points (USP): By presenting your USP, you provide reasons on why your website visitor must buy your products. Highlighting strengths of the brand and its salient features help builds the must require need in consumers to make a purchase.
  • Inform customer what they will lose if they do not buy from you: Make a comparison matrix with your competitor’s offerings and present it to your customers. Showcase how you stand ahead with your deals and offers. Make it lucrative for your customers so that it’s hard for them to decline.
  • Let images, right words and colors do the selling: Digital marketing is all about how well you showcase. Use the right heading and sub headings to make impressive impact on your customers mind. Let the images, color palette set up the perfect environment for sales conversion.
  • Build custom landing pages: Every marketing campaign needs to have a CTA and a landing page. A dedicated landing page will remove all those factors that can divert your customer’s attention. It will help focus on the specific service or product to be sold.
  • Let your customers speak to new customers about you: Word of mouth (WOM) has always been effective when it comes to promotion. Electronic WOM (E-WOM) is the digital way of letting your customers speak to your website visitors about your products and services. Share your customer’s reviews, video testimonials, ratings on your website and let it build the much-needed reputation for sales conversion.
  • Work on overall website before optimizing it for conversions: It is important to optimize your website first. Search engine optimization and human friendly websites drives more sales. Once the website is optimized, you can then focus on optimizing the buying journey of consumers and increase the rate of conversion.

What is conversion optimization?

Conversion optimization is the process of removing unwanted and complex steps which may cause your customers to leave your site without buying your products. These are the measures taken to fine-tune the entire customer buying journey. A few aspects to consider during conversion optimization are listed below:

  • Security concerns
  • Complex navigation and site structure
  • Lengthy registration process and hidden costs
  • Unrealistic shipping rates
  • Sub-standard delivery services

Create custom landing pages that sell

A landing page must have essential elements present including clarity, simplicity, visual appeal acting as lead magnets for your business. A landing page should also be fast, mobile-friendly, and secure. While building custom landing pages for your products and services, it is important to consider all aspects listed above about positive customer experience. A customized landing page must have

·         Call To Action (CTA)

·         Persuasive headline, subheading and content

·         A highlighted video or photo that is a testimonial, social proof or showcases benefit of buying

·         Simple checkout processes.

Conclusion: How to encourage customers to buy from your website?

Having understood the reasons of why customers are leaving your website without buying, it is now important to find ways to encourage them to buy from your website. Offering positive customer experience and an enjoyable purchasing experience to your website visitors will help you increase sales and profits. It is important to understand customer experience throughout the customer journey in order to offer a cohesive enviornment for successful checkout. One way to understand is to map your consumer buying journey using Google Analytics 4 and measure bounce rates and sales funnel for better understanding. If you are in need of optimizing your website conversion rate, contact atlassoftweb.com. We provide expert conversion rate optimization services that will kick start your business sales.

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