What should be preferred? Content or Design?

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Most of the developing firms or start-ups prefer to hire an agency for layout and content writing task. It is often seen that most of the owners of I.T developing firms are not that much technically sound or have advance technology knowledge on which a firm should rely on. Coding, programming and web-designing are some of the tactics that should be taken care of.

Magic of designing: – Designing is all about swirly animations, smooth java, embedded flash plug-ins, parallax scrolling and the use of white space to make the look-out smart and customised with the scattering of suitable fonts and shades. These are the some of the top liners that earns a sigh of appreciation to the website.

Why design should not be preferred over content?

A brilliantly developed design might be a wastage of time if there would be no reciprocation of content to compliment the beauty of design. In case the designing is simpler, creative content can save up the game. A good content makes sure that a user can stay around and at least get the brief outline about the website. Here, we give you some sensible reasons to prefer the content creation over designing.

  • Designing is expensive
  • A well-developed designed with effective layout and cool fonts is going to be expensive. This is because an artistic design without any content is useless. Moreover, if the contents would be too long or doesn’t fit into the container of the website, then fabulous template would be of no use. Now, just reverse the condition for a moment, what happen if a website is simpler but the content is written splendidly? The answer is obvious, there would be more traffic thus getting higher page rank. See and feel the difference.

  • Content-less design or Design-less content?
  • These days, the designing software companies themselves choose the template or pattern that suits your business profile. This situation is tough one for content writers. The swirl pattern or the stiff design makes the content unmanageable to read. This creates bad impact on the viewers. This is the negative side of preferring design before content writing. Thus, a design-less content is much better over a content-less design. Content and design are parallel tracks of a website which should be balanced for a well-maintained website.

  • It affects both segments
  • If you start developing both the sections simultaneously, then there are chances to desolate both. The designing guys will be clueless about the content size leaving them confused about the container’s size. On the second hand, the content writer will get puzzled when it comes to the word limit as they are not aware of the container size. The solution to this problem is to write a content first and then creating the design accordingly. This approach will be more easier and appealing for effective work completion in the given dead line.

It is always advisable for content writing team to discuss with designing team for further aspects for website betterment. The definition of a perfect website is the creative content that is well-fitted in the beautifully designed layouts.

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