What does “wtm” mean on social media?

wtm meaning

Social media is the boredom – buster medium for all of us during this lock-down phase. During this Covid-19 social distancing period, we are trying ways to connect with our dear ones on social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Zoom and Skype. It is important to understand what abbreviations stand for while texting and instant messaging.

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Internet Slang is a kind of slang that is used by users on the internet to communicate effectively with less typing and thus saving time. Such internet slangs are used in communication between friends, families and even in businesses across United States. Some of these include memes, abbreviations, keyword symbols, emoji’s, and acronyms.

So what does “wtm” abbreviation stand for?

WTM stands for “What’s the matter?” and in the IT field, it means Web Technology and Methodology. This abbreviation is used during the conversation to express concern and ask people of the state of mind they are going through. As we go through lock-down, many of us are going through anxiety, boredom, and depression. It is important to share and talk. It is important to ask each other about what’s the matter that is in mind to engage in a refreshing and reviving conversation. No matter you are using Snapchat or Instagram, the meaning of WTM remains the same on all social media platforms. This internet slang is mostly used by adults and teenagers. It is also observed that it is used during web business meetings over Zoom and hangouts.

But for us and all in Information Technology

WTM means – Web Technology and Methodology.

Alternatively, ‘WTM?’ slang abbreviation is also substituted by

  • You Alright?
  • You Ok?
  • What’s up?
  • Is everything well?
  • What is Wrong with u?
  • Alls well?

Web Technology refers to the process by which computers communicate with each other using languages such as HTML, PHP, and scripting languages along with creative designs. It helps us communicate over the internet with hosting information such as websites and sell ideas, products, and services through Digital Marketing techniques.

Methodology relates a set or system of methods, principles, and rules for regulating a given discipline, as in System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in Web Programming. Agile Methodology which includes sprint and scrum meetings has been a proven methodology for client-centric website design and development.

We also have other meanings for WTM, though What’s the matter is most commonly used.

  • WTM – Whatever That Means
  • WTM – Whats the Move ( mostly in business meetings)
  • WTM – What the Mess

Trends show that as long as we have social media, these internet slang words will continue to be in use and new once will emerge. Keep yourself updated with these slangs for an effective virtual communication over the social media platforms.

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