Web Development Trends 2021: What does the future hold for this sphere?

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Web development is a diverse and progressive area that continues to change as new technologies evolve. In 2021, web & eCommerce development will experience many new technologies that will set recent and new trends. 

There are about 1.8 billion websites over the internet, and most users don’t even visit the lion’s share of them. Every website, however, makes its contribution to new developments in web growth. 

In 2021, expert web developers will embrace emerging technologies, play with modern techniques, and reinvent old technologies. Around the same time, certain development technologies from the previous years will remain in trend in 2021 & beyond and will aid in the web growth of various eCommerce platforms. 

So, before you go ahead and hire a web developer, know these ten web development trends to be an A-lister in your business industry. 

Top Web Development Trends for 2021

#1 Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

This isn’t a new web development trend. However, owing to its ability to offer a high-quality user interface similar to native apps, the technology attracts the interest of mainstream developers and business owners’.

46% of customers shopped from websites through mobile devices in the year 2019. PWA websites allow people to access their favourite websites on a desktop or mobile web browser without requiring special apps or computer programmes. The PWAs are coded in HTML & CSS, JavaScript, React, or Angular. PWA can send out push notifications with offlines access to archived content in addition to a better user interface and no need for programmes.

This technology is relevant to ecommerce businesses, low-development budget firms, and anyone who wants to reach out to a broader audience without asking them to download things. 

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#2 Artificial Intelligence and Bots

With rising messaging applications, Chatbots are all the buzz today. Chatbots are a mechanism of artificial intelligence and machine learning that communicate via email, text, or speech with users. That ensures that 24/7-operating bots would be able to substitute service managers and reduce expenses for individual businesses.

Various businesses are now adopting this trend by integrating their bot with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, etc. You can incorporate a bot on a PWA website, regular website, professional or household equipment, and any Internet-connected app. 

#3 Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

The concept behind Accelerate Mobile Pages is to speed up the website’s performance and minimise the chance of a customer abandoning it. The technology of AMP is a little pretty close to PWA. The distinction is that the open-source plugin recently created by Twitter and Google speeds up sites.

AMPs are customised sites that can run efficiently and have a simplistic & convenient interface with only core functions. Such pages are mobile-friendly, and their content is readable. 

The AMP plugin offers enterprises the ability to save UX costs and access consumers at any Internet speed. As a consequence, we will see smaller and niche brands that compete with big industry giants effectively.

#4 Single Page Application (SPA)

A single page application operates and needs no reloading of the web page that prevents unnecessary processing time. The page needs not to be refreshed every time since the content is downloaded automatically when the browser loads the website. We use such applications every day, for example, Google, Gmail, Trello, and Facebook. 

SPAs keep the customers gripped on your website as they tend to run faster. SPAs are quick and give direct results compared to standard web pages that give a white screen before the website is fully downloaded. 

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#5 Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is the future of how we will do most searches. According to a report by PWC, 74% of the customers use mobile search assistants. More than half of all smart and IoT systems will listen to users and perform voice-provided results in 2020. And even more, they would be able to identify various people’s voices and provide anyone with a tailored AI-based experience.

This web development trend came into existence a decade ago but had been evolving since then. Empowered by AI, voice search optimization is a win-win for end-users and business owners because

  1. it saves time and helps customers with online shopping,
  2. You and the tech is multitasking,
  3. it earns the additional trust of customers as it encourages them to deal with the routine.
  4. And, ultimately, voice usage is an essential source of interpretation of user behaviour.

#6 Automation Testing

The main aim of trending web technologies is to make development affordable and to offer the best to consumers. Automating this development process is the first step towards this goal. 

With a small team or fewer development experts, machine learning and an AI approach allows us to build complex projects. At the same time, automation testing helps us to check whether the product is ready for deployment or not.

This enables the development team to accumulate and benefit from test scenarios, eliminate development costs (up to 20 percent), and ultimately decrease test cycle time. In short, you can get superior quality results with less money. 

Digital work is transforming into a highly dynamic environment; thus, to win, you need to be quicker, and the quality of your product should be on the top. And that is possible with automation testing. 

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#7 Responsive Websites (RWD)

This trend came into existence five years ago when mobile devices were over-powering the market. A smartphone user performs a search every second minute, suggesting that developers and programmers need to make an extra effort to improve apps to make it easier for users in two desktops to web formats – mobile & website. 

This can be done in 3 ways, 

  1. Create a mobile website and convert it into a desktop version. 
  2. Create a mobile-friendly website that looks the same on desktop and mobile. 
  3. Use Responsive Web Design (RWD) to utilize the same CSS HTML code that will modify your website’s procession automatically. 

The Mobile-friendliness of a website is an essential factor to rank higher on search engines. And when you rank higher, you increase your brand identity and competitiveness. 

#8 Push Notifications

In 2021, Push notifications will emerge as a prominent feature for smartphone apps and online applications. They will become an effective method to draw consumers’ interest, improve user engagement rates, and provide desktop users with the kind of experience they get from mobile devices.

Google, Facebook, news portals have already adopted this trend, and soon small to medium businesses will too. 

Web development’s future considering notification in web apps is forecasted to perform extra demand on ready to use solutions (like notification plugins and browser push notifications utilities) that could be easily adjusted to existing blogs, online shopping platforms, and other services. In other words, technology will become cheap and accessible to many.    

There will be a massive demand for notifications plugins and browser push notifications plugins that can be easily interacted with blogs, ecommerce portals, and other services. Hence, making technology affordable and accessible. 

#9 GPDR and Cyber Security

Why Cybersecurity? The truth is, with the use of Internet-connected computers, we are automating more and more repetitive operations. And there is always a chance that our data will be hacked any time we perform purchases such as internet transfers, personal trade details while booking tickets or paying taxes, or even build our smart homes and multimedia systems.

In 2021, to protect user’s data, we can expect new algorithms to come into existence that can prevent phishing attacks. 

When you develop a website in Europe, it is crucial to implement a privacy policy such as GPDR. The document has foreign law status, which imposes a fine on the provider of the Internet product if it improperly gathers user data and either transfer or retains user information without the user’s approval being sought. 


The increasing growth of the Internet world contributes to fantastic web development in 2021 and is developing an exciting web world for us to provide the best user experience. These web development treads are regarded by the most significant corporate website development companies. Hire website developers from Atlas SoftWeb and make use of these upcoming trends of 2021 to beat the market and stay at the top! Contact Now for Free Estimation for your website development project.

Image source: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay , Kaufdex from Pixabay

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