Update your website to WordPress 5.4.1 immediately

It’s time to update to WordPress 5.4.1

We know you love WordPress and are happy with your WordPress based website. This guide shares with you the urgency to upgrade your website to 5.4.1 version immediately. WordPress has come up with an official release of this version on 29 April 2020 and has over 17 bug fixes and 7 security fixes. At Atlas SoftWeb, we have checked through the release and have performed our own update testing.  Things are good to go and we recommend this update. Although WordPress 5.4.1 version is a short cycle security and maintenance release yet we strongly advice this update to prevent hacking or breach of security. The next major release will be WordPress 5.5.

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What are the fixes included?

The major fixes are as under

  • Issue where password reset tokens were not properly invalidated is fixed.
  • Issue where certain private posts can be viewed unauthenticated has been fixed.
  • XSS issue in the Customizer is fixed.
  • XSS issue in the search block is fixed.
  • XSS issue in wp-object-cache is fixed.
  • XSS issue in file uploads is fixed.
  • Stored XSS vulnerability in the WordPress customizer is fixed.

How can I upgrade my website to WordPress 5.4.1

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Click on Update Now button for auto upgrade.

To download the new version of WordPress, login into your admin panel and visit your dashboard. Now click on updates and then Update Now. This will begin with the automatic updating of your WordPress version. Sit and relax! With the updated version you can unlock the power of the most flexible website builder.

Alternatively, you can download this version from WordPress.org and manually upgrade the version.

Once updated, you must perform a unit testing of your website to ensure theme files or plugins are not broken. If you face any issues during this update process, feel free to reach out to expert WordPress developers at Atlas SoftWeb.

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