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Delivering seamless experiences through the best UX/UI design and development services. We create thoughtful and interactive designs that promise valuable & loyal connections with your audience.

Drive Conversions Through UI/UX Design Services

Customers are now technologically advanced. They want the best digital experience that facilitates quick business without having to waste their time. And this is likely to be the same with websites and mobile applications as well. Customers are on a lookout to shop from websites or apps that are quick and efficient. Did you know that 23% of customers who had a positive experience told 10 or more people about it. (Source: Harvard Business Review). The easier it is to navigate, the happier is your customer.

UI/UX carries the power to convert your business into a brand. And at Atlas SoftWeb, we provide the best design services to help you in this process. From conceptualization to UX, from graphics to branding a well-executed UI, our top-notch UX/UI design services captivate your target audience and convert them into potential customers. Our experienced designers and skillful developers work closely to run this process smoothly. As your co-creation partner, we work with you in the UI/UX designing process. Accredited as one of the best designing companies, we offer simple, innovative, elegant and worthy experiences all at once.

Research shows that, on average, every $1 invested in UX brings $100 in return. That’s an ROI of a whopping 9,900%. (Forrester)

UX/UI Design and Development Services

  • Visual Experience & Branding

    Our UX / UI designers have the ability to create a coherent and resonant visual identity in order to differentiate your brand in today’s competitive marketplace.

  • Design Consultancy

    Our consulting team reviews your website and shares insights about user-centered, user-friendly, engaging, and responsive designs to create an exceptional user experience.

  • UI/UX Design Services

    Our adroit UI / UX designers work with you to create user-centric concepts, and objectives to engage your customers. Our designers, with demonstrated skills in mobile applications , web applications and other interfaces, believe in developing human-centric interactions that people love!

  • UX Strategy

    Be it a mobile app or a website, our UX experts achieve perfection in every element. Take advantage of our UX strategy to gain customer loyalty and superior brand value.

74% of people are likely to return to a website if it is optimized for mobile.(Red Website Design)

Our Pathbreaking UX/UI Designing & Development Process

  • Research Analysis

    We conduct market and user research to understand how your brand needs to be represented in the digital world. We perform an in-depth competitor analysis to put you ahead of them.

  • Wireframing & Prototyping

    In this phase, we wrap your dream and give the design it’s backbone. We focus on user interaction and your business goals.

  • Visual Design

    Pouring the life into the wireframe with different colour themes, font styles, guidelines and iconography.

  • UI Development

    In this phase, we bridge the back-end functionality and front interface. Here we beautify what’s been designed so far.

  • Test, Test, and Test

    We improve user experience through A/B testing and self driving designs that offer seamless accessibility to your customers. We resolve errors and make the platform flawless!

  • Brian Allen
    USA, Texas

    Atlas SoftWeb delivers exceptional websites that facilitate customer engagement. Effective use of SEO techniques generates exponential web traffic growth. Executive-level involvement yields outstanding customer service. They’re communicative, productive, and detail-oriented.

    Brian Allen

    Broker, Brewer Realty Group
  • Mr Harvey
    USA, Texas

    Having the new website has positioned the rental company’s brand well to establish their market. Atlas SoftWeb communicated on a daily basis, which allowed them to clear up any questions promptly. The team also wowed with their technical skills.

    Daniel Harvey


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