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TYLT Portfolio


Tylt is a technology company that produces unique charging solutions and delivers revolutionary smart product accessories and solutions to the global consumer. Under its banner, TYLT sells power cases, power bags, wireless charging products, portable power products etc.


E-commerce and Tech

Key Solutions Offered

  • PSD to Magento

  • Converted PSD into Magento

  • Worked on synchronization of orders and inventory and vice- versa from Magento to Mas200.

  • Created a theme responsive to all devices

  • Worked on optimization of the website.

  • Created custom extension at product detail page.

  • Integrated PayPal for faster payments

  • Created custom extension for receiving IPN from Paypal and then process order to Mas200.

Our Role

We developed the theme of the website from scratch and customized it as per the client’s requirements. The website we created is scalable, highly functional and responsive which loads quickly in all devices. We have worked on 3rd party Mas200 which synchronize orders and product inventory with Magento. The website also includes various custom extensions for product detail page and extensions for Paypal response. The end result was a fully optimized website which gives an ultimate shopping experience to its shoppers.

TYLT Portfolio– Magento

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