Top 7 Real Estate Websites of 2018. The Real Estate Websites That Wins Customers

Top 7 Real Estate Websites of 2018. The Real Estate Websites That Wins Customers

We turn to Google when we search for new homes in the current real estate market. Until a couple of years ago, you’d search houses online on a personal computer, and with the help of a map, you would drive out to see a potential house. Nowadays, you search the same on a cell phone and go out without making a list of properties, because you know that you can spontaneously search for properties on your phone and visit them. With the massive growth of mobile internet, real estate agents need to ramp up their game by expanding their presence over the world wide web.

The real estate company you own has your image as the realtor and your work is defined by the way you run the show. With such a large number of agents and agencies out there competing, it’s easy to get neglected by potential customers. With the end goal being to rule the real estate market, you have to figure out how to showcase yourself efficiently. So, if you are a realtor who believes in sending out mass emails, putting ads in paper and magazines, it is time to reconsider your strategy now.

At Atlas SoftWeb, we believe that all good things start with some good inspiration! If you are a real estate agent or are running a real estate company, here are our top 8 real estate websites of 2018 that can inspire you:

Regardless of whether you’re purchasing, moving, or just browsing through the website, Zillow has something for you. In case you’re listing a home on Zillow yourself, you’ll get access to a business sales calculator, your home’s “estimated” value which is nothing but the real estate prices, a neighborhood news source, and ways to enable you to value your home precisely. They also have a mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms — no doubt why they are on top of their game.

This site is coded in PHP, and the traffic is monitored through tools like comScoreGoogle Analytics and UASiteCatalyst. The website takes only 3.04 seconds to load up fully.

This real estate website – Trulia connects clients with agents, property owners or managers, and home loan moneylenders and allows them to look for arrangements or expert tips all through each level of the home hunt, buying and possession. The organization is a sister company of Zillow Group and headquartered in San Francisco.

Brewer Realty Ok:

Brewer Realty Ok

Since 2013, Brewer Realty Group has been in the real estate market and is headquartered in Durant, OK. It is a local company with local roots with vast knowledge and expertise in the real estate industry in Durant and its surrounding areas. When you visit their website, they directly come to the point of buying a home or evaluating the value of the house. They mean business and don’t run around the bush! You can easily search for houses through city name, postal code, address or listing ID. A varied search criterion helps your clients meet their dream property!

Built on PHP by Atlas SoftWeb, it uses google analytics for tracking and user traffic reports. The website is iPhone & Mobile compatible.

Quality Realty:

Quality Realty

Quality Realty, is a leading real estate agency founded in 1988 by Steve Reeves. They’ve been on the top of their game ever since. They are a leader in listings and sales in the Durant region. They have a team that has an experience over 50 years combined. Their website is built in the same manner; you can sell, buy, and manage your property. With a total website loading time of 3.5 seconds, it offers choices for different types of residential properties, commercial properties, lake properties and acreage in south-east Oklahoma. You can even rent any property. The website size is 8.90 MB and is built on the Genesis framework supported by WordPress and developed by Atlas SoftWeb.

Texoma Homes for Sale:

Texoma Homes for Sale

Brian Allen, a well-known realtor of Oklahoma, runs Texoma homes for sale, a subsidiary of the Brewer realty group. Brian has been brought up in Durant, and thus, he knows this area in and out. He soon recognized his passion for helping people and using his knowledge of the city. This is how Texoma homes for sale came into existence. The website is quite similar to that of Brewer Realty. However, what intrigued us more was the property search option and the reviews of his clients on the website. They’ve got options to search for properties as per the budget, and you can see the feedback of his previous customers right there. Cool, right?

Apartment Guide:

Apartment Guide

The site has been made utilizing a range of web innovations including Nginx, Varnish and Microsoft Personal Web Server, email administrations like Google Apps for Business, Zendesk, and SPF, and is hosted on Internap.

The Apartment Guide is a division of RentPath, LLC, headquartered at Atlanta, Georgia. It is a reliable rental resource that associates customers to their optimal place to live. This website provides the best experience across the web and mobile devices with unmatched searchability and enhanced by different tools.

The website utilizes JavaScript libraries, including Modernizr, JQuery, Angular JS and D3 JS. The web analytics control is gotten from Google Analytics. as a total load time of 1.60 seconds. This real estate company offers property deal, lease and buy solutions in and around Manhattan, Huntsville, Colorado Springs Detroit, San Francisco, and Texas. A mindblowing feature on their website is to ‘Snap and search.’ If you’ve liked some house with a particular design, or cottage design house is what you are looking for, click a picture of it and search to see similar properties on

In the present digital age, real estate marketing means becoming the main asset for your customers, creating your image, and staying relevant to your proficiency. Creating and maintaining a real estate website is an ideal approach to guarantee your development and advancement in the real estate world.

So, don’t worry if you a new realtor in town, with Atlas SoftWeb, it is easier to have a website. Having worked in the real estate industry, we understand the importance of showcasing your profile to your potential clients. Your website becomes your portfolio! Contact us today for a FREE quote.

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