Tips On Building A Website That Leads To Conversion

As online shopping accelerates, so does the competition. More and more businesses are recognizing the vast and unlimited potential of online sales channels. If your business is hesitating to make an entry into the ecommerce market, then you are definitely missing out a great number of opportunities. Just launching an online store is not enough too. You need to optimize the website to attract customers and engage with them. Drawing the attention of an online audience and making them visit your website is a troublesome task. But what if you lose those leads? More than just luring the visitors to your website, it is important to engage with them and convert them into potential customers. If your website doesn’t succeed in making the visitors stay, then you need to evaluate your website and figure out the reasons. Below listed are some of the major reasons that make visitors leave a website.

  • Poor navigation: A website should be designed in the simplest and intuitive format. Websites with complicated structure often lead to high bounce rate leading to customer dissatisfaction. While designing a website, make sure to keep the overall layout content simple yet appealing. Users should be able to access and find all the information they are looking for, at ease. Added to that, choosing a responsive design or theme is also a smart choice as it would ensure optimal user across devices and platforms.

  • Slow page loading time: The online audience doesn’t have the patience to wait for more than two or three seconds. If a website is taking forever to load, they would just close it and move on to the next webstore. A huge chunk of video contents, lack of image optimization and poor server performance are some of the major reasons for slow page loading. Run your website against Page loading test tools and fix the issues that cause delay.

  • Pop-up ads or Autoplay of audio: Annoying pop-up ads and autoplay of music often leave a negative impression among the visitors. Not only it slows down the loading time, but also adversely affects your customer service strategy. Hence, choose the designs that won’t cause any distraction to the user.

  • Irrelevant or outdated content: Online users are looking for information and if you can’t offer them any fresh or unique, they will just leave. Always make sure to keep the web contents and blogging platforms up-to-date. Post relevant news, latest happenings and interesting contents to the website to gain higher search engine rankings and increase the customer interest level.

  • Forced registration requirements: When you open some websites, you are forced to sign-up for their services or register for their newsletter before viewing the website. Majority of the online visitors consider it as an irritating feature and decide to leave the website. So, it is always recommended to use such pop-up feature after they browse the website.

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