Things to remember while hiring the developer.

Finding a pro-team is not a cup of tea for every entrepreneur. Hiring the developers is one of the most challenging task a firm could ever face. Here we give you some tested and tried credo to hire the efficient developers within your time limit. These canons are given by the network of genius people who always believe that every engineer is best in its own way, all you need is to find whether it is right for you. These tactics are very useful for the entrepreneurs who have little or no knowledge of coding skills but have the determination to reach their goals.

  • Set your requirements: – Note down the “must have” and “like to have” points you would like to see in the person as a developer. Set the guidelines for an ideal candidate. This will help you to note the skills you want only, leaving others. It will save your time greatly. We agree that no person is ideal, but you can search the one who is “close” to your criteria. On the other side, don’t let go the capable candidate when he doesn’t match a silly point of your list. This pickiness will only lengthen your hiring cycle.

  • Know the market price: – If you are living in the mockery that you can grab the most eligible candidate in the most discounted rate, then you have to correct yourself. Engineers are always in demand and the demand will rise up continuously. Choose wisely, whether you want to get a full timer or a freelancer. Freelancer will charge on per hour basis while a full timer will speak for his skills. Thus, it is always better to know the market price and hire the developers accordingly. They may be expensive because they are best. And every best thing comes with a charge to pay.

  • Always prefer a team: – There is no doubt that developers or let us say engineers loves to stay aloof and work alone. This is totally fine when they are developing code all the day. But they need to respond to the request in order to meet the deadlines. Communication is very important for company’s betterment. Ensure that the communication takes place on the daily basis and help the fellow team members who need them.

  • Do they meet deadlines: – Product roadmap deliverables and iteration cycles are two important aspects that a developer should focus. Ask them about hitting the deadlines and the solutions when they don’t meet the ones. What precautions should be taken so that the team should not miss the deadline. These are some of the questions that gives you the idea whether the candidate is capable to complete the deadline. A good developer should not only able to finish the task on given deadline, but can also raise an alarm to the manager when they fall behind.

  • Check the developer’s standard: – Determine the standards of developer when it comes to coding and see whether he can fix the bugs and crashes. Also, make sure that his standards may not create a problem for other coders and it must be consistent with every aspect of your business to ensure the quality task.

  • Is he a mentor? – Select the one that is capable to take the feedback. An employee who can take the feedback or teach others is a proven dark horse for your company.

  • Analyze the resume: – Many developers will add the links in their resume as a piece of their previous task and in some cases, you find the links as the buggy products. Ask them to send the links and check them personally before stepping forward. Also, check their references to make sure that they have actually worked on it.

  • Perform the prototyping test: – Prototyping tests are common nowadays especially MNCs. The interview panel finely check the developer’s code and check whether he is able to adapt certain skill. The dressing style, what they are doing and why. The way he sits, check the emails have been thoroughly observed as all these things helps them to understand the mind set and let them to decide whether the candidate fits in their demands or not.

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