The Stars of Atlas Softweb’s Star Making Competition

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A competition marked with excitement, creativity, and great fun, Christmas came early to Atlas Softweb with the Christmas star-making competition which was conducted on 22nd December’2017.

The participants, participating and competing with each other in four groups, went on a creative frenzy on the day of the competition. The groups had the freedom to use any material for making the star. The only conditions were that the teams had to make a 3D star, with a maximum height of three feet and having a facility so that a light bulb could be placed inside for illuminating the star.

In just two hours, the groups created magnificent stars. Selecting the best one out of the four was a difficult task hence the voting route was taken in which the EC members voted for the team they felt created the best star. At the end, team 1 with members Mr. Edwin, Mr. Parth, Mr. Mikin and Mr. Dhruv Panchal was declared as the winning team and the members were awarded a cash prize.

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