The Ink Library

The Ink Library

About The Ink Library

The ink library is an online artwork and design library where creativity and design skills are put together and made accessible to anyone in the world. It gives access to the works of best artists, illustrators and pattern designers in the world. The art work is put together and organized in handy books available for download by anyone who seeks design skills or art inspiration. It is also an online marketplace where artists can publish and sell their artworks. The ink library also offers virtual design courses.


Creative and Educational

Key solutions offered

  • Installation and Configuration of WordPress

  • Converting PSD to WordPress

  • Appealing WordPress design

  • WordPress theme customization

  • Added dynamic section as per client requirement

Our role

We built the website from scratch. We converted PSD into WP and integrated and customized WP themes as per client’s requirements. We created a membership website through which artists can join their community. We build a responsive website which can be displayed seamlessly across various devices. We created unique designs for the home page, about us page, creative wall page and more.

The Ink Library

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