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The Dog Bakery Portfolio


The Dog Bakery is a company which bakes delicious dog food treats and sell them via their dog bakeries and online store. All their baked treats are all-natural, fresh, premium and delicious baked goods. The Dog Bakery gives the proud dog owners a way to spoil and treat their pooches.



Key Solutions Offered

  • Shopify theme design and customization.

  • Add, editing, listing and organizing products with Shopify’s streamlined CMS interface.

  • Managing and keeping the product inventory updated.

  • Website Maintenance.

  • Customer data security, compatibility with payment processors etc

Our Role

This is one of a kind company, hence the website also had to be one of a kind. We gave this website a charming look to appeal to dog owners. We update all design as per mockup. We keep the website updated by properly handling and managing online product inventory, coupons, variants etc. We also undertake promotional activities through Klaviyo, promoting website on social media and relevant festivals etc.

The maintenance of this site lies on our hands. Maintenance includes bug fixes, new designs, speeding site etc.

The Dog Bakery Portfolio – Shopify

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