The Best Ecommerce Websites of 2018

The Best Ecommerce Websites of 2018

Trust it or not, eCommerce sites or stores have turned out to be the future of our shopping habits. The rise of web-based shopping sites is the motivation behind an ever-increasing number of individuals moving towards ecommerce websites as opposed to the physical shops. Be that as it may, regardless of whether it’s merely the introduction of a form of apparel or the most recent electronic items, individuals appear to cherish seeing things which are wonderfully structured.

Also, what surprises us more is that even with ecommerce platforms it remains to be the same. You are leaving cash on the table if fail to present your products and services to your target audiences and potential clients. In other words, appealing web designs can contribute majorly to the success of online sales and marketing. It takes much effort to build the best ecommerce website. Thus, the design and user-friendliness of any ecommerce websites make it the best ecommerce website of 2018.

According to Statista, by 2021 there will be about 2.14 billion people shopping online. With an increase in online shoppers, ecommerce websites too are increasing. However, not all of them are successful, most of them tend to fail in the first five years of business. Why?

The most popular reason is that they don’t put the necessities of the client before the thoughts of the business. A good user experience is what is needed to drive sales, and a great ecommerce website design does that.

So, today we have sewed together some of the best ecommerce websites of 2018 which would help you understand what component you ought to center around and how you can enrich user experience through extra-ordinary user-experience via highlights and great subjects. Along with it, we have highlighted a key takeaway so you can implement it too.

PESHCE is a Turkish website which sells Turkish peshtemal products online. When you visit the site, the look of the website is quite easy to navigate. Build on Magento e-commerce platform by Atlas SoftWeb; it gives a sober user-experience with the menu right in front of you, no matter on which page you are. Moreover, when you add a product to your cart, the cart is updated, and the user remains on the product page. This is a trending ecommerce trick of 2018.

Key takeaway: Keeping the user on the page when adding an item to the cart

The Dog Bakery:

The Dog Bakery is built on Shopify Ecommerce platform. It is known for its dog food and bakery items for pets. Its website gives you a very cozy feeling and a feeling of care for dogs and other pets. When you head to order the cake, you will see your cake in the making on the right side of the webpage. Select your side colour, name on the cake and its colour, add accessories if you wish, make it grain free, select the shape and ingredients, which are mentioned upfront, add props for the guest canines. They’ve got an option to pick from the store or get it shipped. Another thing that is great about The Dog Bakery is that the shipping is free above $49 which is reflected when you visit its website. This builds trust in your clients.

Key Takeaway: Build trust through upfront information

The Dog Bakery

Beatific uses a wide assortment of advanced content, for example, photographs, animations, and representations to effectively pass on its message. The shading plan and textual styles make a youthful and fun-loving brand that is obvious all through the site.

This friendly feel is strengthened with the Facebook Messenger icon connected to the site. This is a smart way to connecting via social media platforms. If you are on Facebook, you can message someone right away for help.

Key Takeaway: Use social media platforms.

Connect zone is a cable company that supplies quality cable for different devices. Its website is straightforward and extremely user-friendly. When you visit the website, you will see the images that are related to the products and great lines that attract the target audience. Upon scrolling, you will see their best-selling products. This engages the audience and has a high impact. By putting your best-selling products forward, you do not waste customers time, and you sell off your best product in no time, WIN-WIN!

Key takeaway: Showcase your best-selling products/services on the main page.

When you see its banner photograph, it makes you want to hold that comforter, cuddle it and feel relaxed the way the girl is. Buffy claims they are the fluffiest, mildest, and lightest comforter ever and the site makes you believe it. The selling is made easy through its effortless design.

Moreover, when you visit the website, you can try their comforters for free for 30 days! Isn’t that a great offer? This is method has proven to be exceptionally powerful.

Key Takeaway: Give free trials.

Soccerloco is a website built for the passion of football. The best thing about this ecommerce website is that you do have its menu at your ease, but as you scroll down on the main page, you get to select the type of shoe you are looking for and directly land to that page, or select your favourite football team, country, player and get customized products. It sums up pretty much everything on its main page so that the customers don’t have to navigate much.

Additionally, they have a web customer service department too, and you can contact them via email, live chat or call.

Key Takeaway: Serve your product while keeping the needs of customers in mind and provide exceptional customer service options.


L’exception is an online boutique store which sells women’s apparel and accessories internationally and locally. Its main motto is to make women look no less than show-stoppers at any moment of their lives. It is quite evident by looking at the images and the look of the website. The photographs on the website speak for themselves and makes any woman want to buy the amazing gown collection that they have.

Additionally, when you scroll down, you will see the new arrivals in various categories with its price listed.

Key Takeaway: Use photographs that match your motto which sends out a clear message. Add your new collection on the main page as a slider to attract customers.


Via Copenhagen:

Via Copenhagen is a home décor company, and it is made on Shopify platform. The greeting page of Via Copenhagen does not always scroll, but rather totally changes as you scroll. It is intense and uneven, making every item bounce off the screen. The nude shading palette is dazzling and stands out perfectly!

Key Takeaway: Engage customers using unique scrolling ideas.

Via Copenhagen

With the help of these top 8 e-commerce website list, you now know what you should include and how it impacts customers.

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