Swift, Precise Paypal Payment Solutions for Magento

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Credit card frauds are quite common. All merchants worry about protecting their customers against such frauds and streamlining the payment process while delivering a better experience to their customers. But the question is how to make sure that your store is fraud proof? There are different ways to do so and you might even end up spending huge sums just to ensure this.

However if your website or store is Magento based then you can easily lower the risk, boost your sales, keep your cost low yet keep your customers happy. Braintree Extension for Magento and Express Checkout both offered by Paypal when integrated into your business can bring you immense benefits.

Braintree Extension for Magento:

Crystal clear monetary transactions can enhance customer experience on your store. When you are dealing with their money it is important for you to make sure that their money is safe with you. Also you should be able to reimburse and deduct charges precisely. Braintree Extension for Magento helps you do so without much hassle. It is a one point solution which will take care of all your needs and also save you lots of money. Complete with managed fraud protection its integration is seamless. This extension comes with a PCI compliant vault where in you can securely save credit card details of your customers. All these and many more benefits of Braintree Extension for Magento make it more beneficial for your store.

Express Checkout:

When you buy something online you would have noticed that most of the stores have a clumsy and time consuming checkout process. Often you would have even left it there without completing your order just because your net connection was slow and the checkout for taking lots of time. You would not want your customers to face a similar situation resulting in loss for you. Express Checkout from paypal helps you do so, by making the payment procedures faster, error free and precise. Biggest benefit of using Express Checkout is that your customers will then have access to all the order details in one single go.

Both Express Checkout and Braintree Extension for Magento can prove to be a boon for your business. Integrate them today and start benefitting from their unbeatable features.

Resource From: PayPal Solutions for Magento Platforms