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Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platform that lets users start, run, and expand business with all the tools and services they need. Shopify community came up with an event to reunite for all the business owners. and our expert Shopify developers at Atlas SoftWeb recently participated in the online event – reunite. For all the constant changes happening around us in the world, it is important for business owners to work with the Shopify community to make commerce better for everyone. This event offered an opportunity to bring together merchants, investors and industry groups to unveil technology, share critical updates and provide insight into the future of e-commerce. Here are some of the major announcements of the Reunite event which will keep you updated with the latest Shopify information.

1) Money: Looking at the current scenario topmost priority of any business owner is the cash flow. Financial aid is important to keep business running and growing. Shopify launches new products and services to support small business owners in handling their finances. A large part of eCommerce is banking and financial services, but banking products of today are not built around independent business owners’ needs. Such new methods empower business owners by helping them regain ownership of their financial activities. For such features, Shopify releases “Shopify Balance”. Let’s have a look at what it contains

  • Shopify Balance account: Business owners can get a full view over here of their cash flow, pay bills, monitor expenses, and make decisions about their business’ future, with no recurring costs or minimum balance.
  • Shop Card: These are physical and virtual cards that retailers can use when they purchase in-store, via smartphone, or online to access their money quicker.
  • Rewards: This is still being worked on with Shopify partners to provide cashback and discounts depending on everyday business.

Shopify Balance would make the operation of a company easy and open to as many people as possible. This release will be accessible by business owners in the U.S. first by the later this year and will extend to other countries in the immediate future.               

  • Shopify Capital – There is an update in this program which helps small businesses to access financing easily. Businessmen in qualifying countries who apply for financing on their Shopify account are to see their bank accounts for funds in the next few days if approved. Shopify Capital was recently extended outside of the U.S. to fund entrepreneurs, to include the UK and Canada. Shopify has committed another $200 million to the platform, which has also given $1 billion in funding to merchants.
  • Shop Pay Installments – Not only the business owner but also the buyers are struggling with cash flow. There is a new announcement for the merchants and buyers which is, Shop Pay Installments. This will be launched in the US first by the end of this year. Shop Pay Installments allow purchasers, over time, to pay transactions without interest or fees for four equivalent payments. Merchants will receive the entire purchase price upfront, and the remaining instalment fees will be received by Shopify, ensuring merchants are not at risk. That feature would give the customers flexibility as it allows them to extend their payment over time and on the other hand business owners will increase cart sizes and overall sales.

2) Online-store: Almost all businesses are going online. To help the existing business owner and new ones, Shopify has come up with a new feature for online stores.

  • Express theme – These changes are done in order to help new businesses get online faster. One of the new features which Shopify has introduced is a theme called “Express” which is free. Express is designed for one-page shopping and is optimized for mobile applications. It is suitable for rapid online shopping and supports small to medium product catalogues.
  • Gift cards – For all Shopify plans gift cards have been made free temporarily. These gift cards would be usable by business owners who are not able to sell their products currently.
  • Tipping – This is one of the important aspects on which the growing business depend. Thus, Shopify has decided to build a Tipping feature in the checkout flow, by which buyers can support businesses.
  • Selling Internationally – Features that will benefit international buyers and business owners are launched.
    • Local domains – Merchants will be able to use local domains in the coming times to assign individual domains to a country, currency, language or set of languages. Local domains setting will improve the shopping experience of international buyers. HTML hreflang tags are used features of the local domain which helps Google direct customers to the right country and language version of the store.
    • Custom FX – Custom FX pricing enables merchants to maintain a stable price for products even in fluctuating currency. Marketing campaigns would be easier to prepare because businesses can easily advertise without thinking about raising costs for goods.

Further, there are two more updates in this segment which is in “The new online store design experience and Checkout and subscriptions”. The new online store concept interface will be released to merchants later this year but is now available for all partners in developer preview.

3) Omnichannel and marketing: Along with other changes that is prevalent in commerce, the Omnichannel solutions is also growing. An Omnichannel approach helps business owners to handle today’s challenges. Some of its new features are:

  • The all-new Shopify POS – Retailers must offer an integrated solution which bridges the gap between the physical fronts of their store and their online store. This latest release is a modern and improved point-of – sale device with leading potential for omnichannels. The smart grid is one of the newest features of the revamped POS, which makes business owners one of the leading players in trading. Some of the new features added in POS are “Contactless checkout and See what’s in-store”. Buyers will soon be able to scan a QR code, using the Shopify online checkout, to pay for in-store purchases through their phone.. The new alternative will help promote physical distancing in stores, even if there is no switch. And with See what’s in-store feature shoppers will be able to purchase what is available in-store through its websites. The all-new Shopify POS is introduced worldwide. All of the additional POS Pro apps are made free for all until October 31 , 2020 to help more retailers adjust their business to the present reality.
  • Shopify Email – Email is the most common as well as the most important part of marketing which allows business owners to communicate with the customers. One can benefit its customers by knowing this feature’s marketing capabilities. More email templates and other features will be introduced soon. It is for free until October 2020.
  • Free listings on Google Shopping – Shopify’s Google Shopping app can be used by business owners to list their products for free on Goggle Shopping. This could help to increase their audience reach. If a merchant has already synced products via the application, the approved products will start appearing with no further action in the related search results on the Google Shopping page.
  • Facebook Shops – To give an all-new shopping experience Shopify has teamed up with Facebook and have launched Facebook Shops. This enables dealers to create a simple Facebook and Instagram version of their online shop. This will be coming out in few months. 
  • Shopify Ping – Shopify Ping is our free messaging application which allows traders to communicate with customers and respond to their questions in order to give buyers greater confidence. With other popular messaging platforms like Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messager and shopping chat, Shopify enables buyers to chat with dealers using their preferred method. Ping is available for iOS and iPad, but soon it will be launched for Android and web versions as well. Soon staff’s account will as be added in this year which will allow various staff member to handle customer query more efficiently through ticketing system.
  • Shop and Shop Channel – Arrive and Shop Pay features were gathered in order to create a brand new personal shopping assistant named Shop. An excellent shopping experience for the customers can be provided by this feature. Shop lets buyers find nearby merchants with the local store feature, allowing them to support local businesses. Shop will become a free platform inside Shopify, open to all merchants in addition to their online store and POS. Shop Pay is now available to merchants in their admin and to add the notifications of the Shop to the order status page.

4) Back Office: Admin is where business owners organizes and manages all parts of their business. In order to make the admin work smoother new releases have been made.

  • Product states – This help merchants to create a product and save it for later work. Later one can work on it and publish whenever needed. Archiving the products is also possible. This feature will especially be helpful for business owners handling a large number of products.
  • Faster product creation – The most important thing for merchants is to get their products online which keeps their store running. Entrepreneurs soon would be able to mount products from a smartphone directly. Capturing images, including images for each model, can be done with the requisite information such as the title, price, variants and bar code scanning. The products can be examined and published directly from the telephone when the merchant is ready.   
  • Purchase Orders – Next comes is the management of the inventory once the store is online. Users must ensure that you have a detailed list of stocks and where to know when to replenish. Several features includes:
    • Purchase orders with the draft, ordered, received, and closed states.
    • PDF export.
    • Product costs and cost adjustments.
    • Payment terms.
    • Ship notices with estimated arrivals, tracking numbers, and shipping carriers.
    • The link between suppliers and products for easy reordering.
    • Mobile receiving.
    • Purchase orders is currently in the process of rolling out to all merchants and are accessible via the Shopify Admin.
  • Orders list page – As online shopping is increasing it is important for business owners to deliver the orders as fast as possible. There is an update in Order list page feature which makes this process better. The merchants now find it simpler to determine whether the order must be delivered internationally or locally or what shipping, local delivery or in-store pickup orders are required. With these features it becomes convenient for a business owner to work faster and makes the delivery process quicker..

5) Shipping: Shipping is one big part of the businesses success. So next here were new announcement related to shipping.

  • Delivery and pickup methods – As the online orders are increasing there were two major announcements to help with this.
    • Local and curbside pickup – Merchants will be able to enable customers to order from any location, in-store, curbside or in a location they choose. Companies can fulfill orders from Shopify POS, its administrator or the Mobile Shopify app, and have customers deliver at their place of delivery soon.
    • Local delivery – Now the businesses will be able to make the delivery experience much simpler and improvise. Individuals may also set local delivery charges and minimum prices for the order. Registered buyers shall check the local supply options at their check-out and can offer detailed instructions for delivery if appropriate. Soon it will be worldwide.
  • Shopify Fulfillment Network – This feature was introduced last year and team shopify has worked heavily in order to make inexpensive shopping a norm. Business owners can take advantage of different fulfillment strategies and still stand. The Shopify Fulfillment Network allows traders to access various implementation strategies. This network is generally available to merchants who deliver in North America and in coming years it will make shipping affordable for all the merchants.

6) Performance: Usually any update comes with new and improved performance. As fast websites ensure the best shopping experience for the buyers hence speed is of utmost importance.

  • Storefront renderer – The engine that takes the Liquid theme from a merchant’s storefront and produces the HTML output to be reconstructed to send back to a buyer’s browser. A rise in load times in live shops will account for the new renderer, helping merchants achieve higher engagement worldwide.
  • Online store performance dashboard – This new dashboard will be released soon for merchants to analyze various actions which impact their store speed. Troubleshooting will become easier and the business owners will rise performance of their site.

In this crucial time, for all businesses, these announcements will decide the future of commerce. Reunite event has a lot in store for the existing and the new store businesses that are planning to go online. Surely businesses can make use of these new and updated features and successfully come out from the current situation.

Source credit: https://www.shopify.com/partners/blog/shopify-reunite-announcements-2020?utm_source=exacttarget&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=blog&utm_content=partner_blog-2020-05-20

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