SEO Trends to Watch Out in 2017

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a very competitive game, where it’s all about staying ahead of your competitors. The world of SEO changes frequently. With new techniques coming up, in order to stay in the game, website owners have to be aware of how search engines are changing and in the same way write their content and make their SEO strategy.

2017 is sure going to be an interesting year in the world of SEO, with many new trends surpassing the old ones.

Here are some SEO trends for 2017

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages
In 2017, Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP’s are going to play a pivotal role in making SEO better. AMPs are open source protocols that help webmasters or website owners to create pages, which can instantly be opened on mobile devices. AMPs make some structural changes to your website, which makes your website consume eight times less data and load up to four times faster. Google has already started favoring sites that have started using AMPs.

2. Use of dense content
These days’ people are tired of reading the same content, again and again, in different words. Earlier the market was flooding with two types of content, long epic contents, covering a topic fully and small summary type content. But in 2017, the trend of dense content will be very handy, that is focusing on writing as much information as possible in less words.

3. Evolution of machine learning
Google’s machine-learning artificial system is known as RankBrain. RankBrain is used to process the search and the return results to the users and not only helps in common search queries but also rare search queries. Google RankBrain has opened the door of possibilities for algorithmic machine learning. RankBrain search’s the user’s queries and ranks the contents according to certain factors like, Keywords, Freshness, Engagement, Related Topics, and Domain Authority.

4. Personal branding as an important strategy for SEO
Once website owners have their personal brand, they can have an easier time building user trust, securing guest posts, and driving more traffic to their website.

5. Popularity of User Experience Optimization (UEO)
Google has always favored websites that can be easily loaded and are optimized for mobile devices. The pages having better user experience in total, would be given better ranking by Google, which will in return increase the website’s views.

Website owners should know about every possible trend so that they can immediately make strategies so as to keep their websites in the race.

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