Screen Brush from Atlas Softweb for Taking Customized Screenshots

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You may need to capture the screen of your mobile phone for various reasons. Let us imagine that you wish to share the details of a chat with your friend or complain about the technical problem you are experiencing, it is important to take screenshots. What about getting an app for screen grab? You might be wondering why you need an app for that when your Smartphone has the inbuilt feature of taking screen shots. Let us explain the benefits. Screenshot apps not only snap the picture of what is happening on your screen, but also let you edit the screenshots instantly. Atlas Soft Web, a leading web development company has launched an app to cater your screen capturing needs. Screen Brush app from Atlas Soft Web is a great addition to your android phone. Reliable and stable screen brush tool let you take customizable screenshots easily.


ScreenBrush tool helps you take quick screenshots of a webpage or a screen on your mobile or open up a file from your email attachments and do a quick review by adding footnotes, comments, mark sections for review and more. It is an easy to use app that helps you review your peer’s work and share it quickly via social media, emails and WhatsApp. Need for a screenshot app was felt when Atlas Soft Team wanted to test websites on mobile. The testing team had to take screenshots, bring them on desktops and then edit them with comment and markets. That is when, Atlas Soft Web team started thinking about creating an app that could allow the testers to capture, edit and share the screenshots at once. With ScreenBrush app, you can add normal label texts and callout texts to images with comment. It is also possible to highlight a section of the screenshot with rectangular and oval box. So why not give this app a try? Visit Google Play Store to download ScreenBrush app.