Saving and Reverting Positions with Visual Merchandiser

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When it is about crafting an ecommerce platform with Magento, users need an effective drag and drop category management system to create and merchandise categories with ease. That is when users rely on Visual Merchandiser (VM). Simple drag-and-drop UI of Visual Merchandiser takes the hassle out of the category management. User can re-organize the products in a nick of time with this easy-to-use Magento extension. But once a category has been visually merchandised, is there any way to revert it back to the original sort order? Yes, there is. You can take advantage of two VM functionalities for this purpose – Download SKU and Mass product assignment. Below listed is a step-by-step guide you need to follow when saving and reverting positions with Visual Merchandiser.

Step 1: Capture the current SKU positions within the category. Go to Options – Utilities – Download SKUs to get a snapshot of positions as they are currently arranged. When you submit the Download SKUs functionality, a CSV file will be downloaded. Save the file, as it consists the product order we want to maintain.

Step 2: Make changes in the category by using the drag and drop feature of VM. Save the changes. Flip over to the front end and refresh the button. You may view the re-organized product listing page.

Step 3: Now we need to revert back to the previous position we had. Go to options – Mass Product Assignment. Upon submitting the functionality, you may view a pop up box with ‘Assign products’ and ‘Remove Products’ buttons. Copy the SKUs from saved CSV file and paste it in the box. Click on the Remove Product button. Now, all the products in the merchandiser category will be deleted. Now copy the same SKUs list to the Mass Product Assignment box and click on Assign Products button. VM will reload the product positions the way it was saved in category before.

Step 4: Flip over to front end and hit refresh button. You can find that the reverted positions have taken their place.

Following the above mentioned steps can help you re-organize the products in a category. But, always keep in mind to test this procedure in a staging environment.

Originally Published: Saving and Reverting Positions with Visual Merchandiser