Quinquennial Awards – Dedicated Employees of Atlas crossing 5 years of service

5 years of service

Loyal employees of Atlas SoftWeb who have crossed five years of service were awarded with a ‘Quinquennial’ trophy and a loyalty bonus on 7th November 2019, 8th foundation day of the company. Mrs. Sweta Jani, Mr. Dhaval Patel, Mr. Elvin Mclean and Mr. Prashant Patel are the four employees who received the Quinquennial Awards.

Employee satisfaction and employee loyalty both are directly proportional to each other. No matter what kind of organization you run – small, medium or enterprise level, employee loyalty has always been a challenge. Atlas has always believed in following the work-life balance motto and it has motivated employees to have the same. Atlas is grateful to its loyal employees that are committed and are more willing to invest in their work, innovate new ideas, and are ready to go the extra mile. Loyal employees means happy employees and a fast-growing company!

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