Parametric Human Project

Parametric Human Project

About Parametric Human

Parametric Human is a nonprofit organization striving to make a centralized platform for human data collection and curation that supports precision health. This platform provides the members of Para Human Project an access to cloud based and secured data repository to aid their research and contribute to the growing statistically based understanding of the human body.

The organization is building an access-controlled repository for the secure storage, organization, and curation of digital human data.


Medical Research

Key Solutions offered

  • WordPress installation and Configuration

  • Converting PSD into WordPress

  • Customization of WP templates

  • Plugin development

  • Theming and integration

  • Performance Tuning & Optimization

Our Role

We created the website from scratch. The client provided PSD which we converted it into WordPress. We gave an appealing web design to the site and after understanding client requirements we customized and integrated the themes in WP. We build a website that has optimum user experience and is highly responsive. We created a website that reflects a professional, clean and elegant design.

Parametric Human Project

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