One Page Checkout for a Pleasant Shopping Experience

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One Page Checkout for a Pleasant Shopping Experience

We live in a world that unapologetically operates in a fast-forward mode. Patience is long lost and that is the reason why online shopping and e-commerce flourished everywhere. People find it comfy to shop products by a few clicks sitting at home rather than visiting stores personally.

Complying with customers’ needs and understanding their behavior is essential in designing online shopping platforms. One page checkout is the seemingly best solution for enhancing user experience in the online arena. What is the point of extending the checkout process unnecessarily when it can be done precisely on a single page? It is general human tendency to neglect long waiting time and opt for shorter ones.

Having a long checkout process will eventually irritate the customers and cause them to drop their carts and log out. Keep in mind that the eCommerce market is flooded with options, so if you lose a visitor, then it is a gain for your competitor. Speed and efficiency play the key roles in today’s competitive world and therefore it is essential to optimize the checkout process to a more simple way. One page checkout comes as the best choice for directing the users to make payment and exit swiftly.

Decreasing the number of pages towards exiting the site is mandatory as users might get tired of flipping through so many unwanted pages. The best solution is to design a single page that requests and obtains all the details from the user and enables a smooth exit from the site in one go. Instead of splitting the detail-obtaining phase into many parts, it is best to re-arrange it in a single screen for hassle-free check out.

The standard Magento process demands the user to enter the required details in every page and also manually click to proceed further. This is tiresome and clearly not user-friendly.

Trials show us that one-page check out takes 1 minute lesser to check out than the Magento process. Studies have shown that by directing users via a single page checkout instead of the default Magento checkout led to an approximate increase in sales of about 21.8%. This is synonymous to the fact that a potential number of users are opting for a faster way towards exit instead of the routine longer one.

Increasing online sales can be made possible by reducing the number of clicks and by leading the user towards exit without keeping him on the site for long.

So now go ahead, optimize your website and gain sales like never before!

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