News Board – A Brand New News App From Atlas Softweb

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We live in the Digital Age where everything is connected through web technologies and mobile applications. Smartphones have become an integral part of our modern life. Though the primary use of mobile phone is make calls, most of us use the device for browsing, playing games and text messaging. Advent of smartphones bought remarkable changes to our day-to-day life. Several gadgets have been replaced with mobiles, which include alarm clocks, digital cameras, calculator, play stations and even laptops. According to some survey report findings, making calls count only as the fifth popular use of mobile phones. Study claims that an average person spends more time on laptop and smartphone than sleeping. Availability of mobile applications is another added advantage. Whether it is to shop online or book your flight tickets, a mobile app proves beneficial. You can find an app for each and every purpose. News App is a case in point. Lot of things is happening around us and it won’t be easy to keep track of it. Most of the people may find it difficult to take time out of their busy lives to read the traditional print newspapers. That is where the role of News App comes in. Intuitive and useful News apps put the global and local news right at your fingertips.


Atlas Soft Web has launched a faster and lighter app – News Board app. No matter whether you are a die-hard news junkie or merely a casual purveyor of the world affairs, News Board app can be a great addition to your smart phones. You may create a customized news reading experience by adding keywords and tags of your interest. Tailored and relevant news sourced from authentic news websites will be displayed. Integration of social networks makes it easy to read and share the news among your peer community. So just visit the Google Play store and download News Board to stay updated on news from across the globe, anywhere, anytime.

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