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A pleasant and inspiring work environment contributes lion share in making successful, happier business. Work Environment is known to play a vital role in the overall development, output and performance of an employee, as it is their second home. Atlas Soft Web understands that in order to create and grow a successful company, an organization should constantly upgrade its infrastructure and work environment. Rather than just stacking a space with some chairs and computers, it is essential to build an inspiring and refreshing ambience where employees would love to spend their hours productively. The team of Atlas has always been very supportive and adjusted into the available work environment. During the initial days, Atlas SoftWeb had to face several hurdles due to space constraints. Leasing issues and insufficient space made it difficult to streamline the workstations which resulted in having an adverse effect on improving the overall efficiency. Although this did not put down the zeal and commitment of our employees towards work, it definitely would have created a negative impact on their performance down the line.

A permanent solution to all such woes was inevitable and that is why the Board of Directors decided to set up its new office with a vision to stay updated to the latest trends of IT industry. As a step forward towards the growth of Atlas, the company management booked spaces for new office in Palladium in 2014. But within two years, the Board felt a need for more space and purchased three offices together which covers an area of about 2500 square feet and can accommodate up to fifty staff. The all-new office is fully equipped with cutting edge technologies, NAS systems, High end multiple internet connections with toggle system, fire security system, firewall, bio-metric system, high end CCTV surveillance system, state of art workstations, conference rooms and open air cafeteria.

More than just working in a remote world, the new Atlas office spaces creates an environment that is welcoming to every employee. Designed and furnished with optimum functionality in mind, our all-new office premises give the team a space to think and a place of solitude. Whether it is a brainstorming session or individual assignment, newly designed Atlas work environment breed creativity and nurtures collaboration.

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