Mobile Apps vs Mobile Websites

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Mobile Apps vs Mobile Websites

There have been numerous debates on which is better to make a favourable mobile presence, mobile website or mobile app. At first glance, both of them look similar and do similar functions. Hence, determining which will suit your business the most, is a tough nut to crack. One doesn’t overpower the other as both of them have useful purposes and serve a great deal for your business. However, determining which will be most appropriate for your business needs will depend on many factors such as your budget, target audience, nature of business, purpose etc.

If you intend to make a mobile presence, then it is important to consider both and determine where to focus your efforts.

Pros of Mobile Apps

Apps serve many functions:
A mobile app can deliver general information about your offers or deals, facilitate your shopping experience, refine your search according to your choice, facilitate booking and much more. Perhaps the best advantage of mobile apps is that it gives customers a more fulfilling and personal experience. Mobile apps are important when businesses have a specified niche. For example Uber; booking a cab on the mobile app is much more convenient and feasible than going through the long process of booking a cab on the website.

Brand visibility:
With a mobile app you get an opportunity to showcase your products and services in a better way. Customers have a chance to narrow down their scope according to their needs rather than browsing through the entire website to find what they need. Thus, awareness and name of your brand will increase tremendously with mobile apps. If you have an app with great features and which looks great, it enhances your brand’s reputation and attracts more customers. It also keeps you ahead of your competition. If you have an app and your competition doesn’t, you are definitely going to catch eyes.

Better customer loyalty and support:
Apps provide faster and more reliable customer support. They can be used to enhance customer loyalty by providing added discounts, offers or deals to your users which will compel them to choose your app over your competitor’s website. App is also an excellent channel for delivering customer support efficiently and instantly. From dealing with simple queries to dealing with complex customer issues, apps help to ensure customer satisfaction to the greatest degree.

Pros of Mobile Websites

Serves a larger audience:
Mobile websites are available across various devices and instantly accessible to users via a browser in contrast to apps which have to be downloaded and installed before use. Creating a mobile Website helps you to reach and satisfy a lot more visitors, thereby increasing the chances of converting them into your customers.

Enhanced google ranking:
Google tends to rank mobile websites higher than mobile apps as they are friendlier and can be accessed by more users. Hence it means that if your mobile website loads faster, has great content and is more responsive, it is more likely to appear higher than apps on the search engine results.

Easier and less expensive:
Mobile websites are easier to develop and are less expensive in comparison to developing a mobile app. Also, your task doesn’t end just by developing a website or app. It is important to maintain them. Supporting and maintaining a mobile website is less expensive and easier than supporting and maintaining a mobile app.

As the number of mobile users continues to grow, the debate as to which is better for a favorable mobile presence will continue to remain a burning topic. For a blogger, a mobile website seems to be more favorable while for a company like Uber, a mobile app becomes the winner. However, for many companies, the combination of both seems to be important. For example, for a shopping store, it would be more profitable if you could showcase your products and reach your potential shoppers through a website as well as an app.

If your primary purpose is to deliver content and serve a greater audience, then mobile website is wiser choice. But if your company serves a particular niche like Instagram or you want to provide a more personalized user experience, than a mobile app should be more preferable.

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