Magento for Building a Secure Ecommerce Store

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Being an open source technology, Magento takes up a place among the top ecommerce platforms to develop online stores and market places. It has the basic feature of a Content Management System, in addition to which there are a number of plug-ins that help to bring value to its features and utilities.

Magento is one of the most popular ecommerce solutions worldwide. It is flexible to use and have powerful features that help build core features of an online store. Magento is designed to be able to carry a large number of catalogs and references. Thus, the ecommerce website can be made user friendly.

Magento has well structured architecture that is robust- well suited for an ecommerce site. There are three main features of Magento that makes it so popular:

1. It is highly flexible: Each store can be given a unique look as Magento provides highly customizable features that can be exploited to create unique solutions.

2. It is extensible: The core functionalities are all separated from other updates, which again, help to customize the shops and stores. General updates can be embedded within the core functionalities.

3. It is fast and secure: This is one of the major features of Magento. Creating a fast ecommerce website is very essential to sustain the users. If an e-store takes more than a few seconds to load, the user will soon switch to other websites. Securing user data in ecommerce websites is highly essential part. Magento helps to build a secure platform and thus help to gain user trust and thus helps in user retention.

Marketplace for Magento:
As Magento is an open source technology, it is possible to convert a Magento e-store into a huge marketplace. Profiting from the above features, a reliable and effective marketplace can be built by effectively using Magento’s features.

Multi vendor marketplace for Magento is one of the tools available to convert a Magento store to a marketplace. It provides separate vendor product collections and has separate feedback support and rating links. Other features of Magento multi-vendor marketplace are:

  • Product management

  • Order management

  • Vendor management

  • Commission engagement

  • Multi currency and multi lingual support

  • Open source and customizable

  • Reporting system

  • Feedback support

  • SEO management

  • Multi-template support

  • Payment/shipping support

Thus, Magento has a rich feature-base that can be used to build a robust and extensive marketplace. So, if you are planning to launch an ecommerce store, then do consider the Magento web development technology.

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