Magento 2 Beta Release – a new look to the eCommerce world

On December 18, Magento hosted a webinar that shares an introduction to Magento 2 Developer Beta. The webinar is the first steps to its Magento 2 relese. In the presentation, several  new features and capaibitiles of the Magento 2 were discussed.

Some of the new platform capabilities include:

  • A modern tech stack (newer versions of PHP, Apache, MySQL, etc.)
  • Improved performance and scalability
  • Streamlined customizations
  • High code quality and testing
  • Easier installations and upgrades
  • Simplified external integrations

The entire webinar video can be watched here:

Magento 2 is also compatible to Zend Framework and will extend support to Oracle and other databases. I feel this would be a great add-on for all those who wish to integrate Magento with third party systems such as ERP and CRM. Magento 2 Beta release is available on GitHub for developers only. It is not for use in production and features all proposed major platform changes.

Features includes in Developer Beta version are modularity, tech stack, front end and testing framework along with a new infrastructure of theme inheritance , modern coding style and composer support. Some of the benefits for developers would be

  • A more powerful toolset to serve clients
  • Faster development cycles
  • Increased confidence in high-quality releases
  • Better guidance and documentation

At Atlas SoftWeb, Our Magento Development Team is super excited and we are currently having our hands on experience on Magento 2. We will soon share our experience about Magento 2. Stay tuned and Contact us with your e-commerce business requirements. We are happy to help you.

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