Magento 2.0, Its time to upgrade!

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Magento 2.0, Its time to upgrade

If you are already aware about Magento, you are one of those tech-savvy people who are into e-commerce. But if you haven’t upgraded to the 2.0 version, I would say you aren’t as savvy after all! It is high time you do so, and let me tell you why!

The latest version, Magento 2.0 met with accolades and was well-received in the market. Many key features such as performance optimization, mobile-responsiveness, and admin capabilities went missing in Magneto 1.0, by full-handedly focusing on offering flexibility, which forced users to look elsewhere. So the biggest change introduced in version 2.0 was the remarkable improvement in performance. An increase in site speed leads to substantial increase in sales and SEO!

The most prevalent misconception is that – ‘the bigger the update, bigger the risk!’ But since there are a lot of versions in between and limited support, it is advisable to take a leap of faith. 

So what’s new?
1. Big changes have been made to folder structure making it more organized and stream lined.
2. Full page caching, optimized code base, database optimizations and better CSS processing.
3. Simpler administration interface.
4. Integrated testing.
5. Fully responsive and touch friendly.
6. Native extensions reduces dependence on third party sources.
7. In Magneto 2, the checkout process is streamlined, making it quicker and easier for customers to complete order.
8. Integrated payment options.
9. Enhanced B2B functionality and features.
10. Enterprise Edition allows separation of database by using the same Magento instance, which increases the scalability features by a greater extent.

Should I upgrade? 
Well, that depends on whether you are starting a new website or just migrating.

Some key points to keep in mind are –
1. When migrating the website, extensions, customization and themes need to be rewritten.
2. It is a more expensive project than a direct 1.X version upgrade.
3. It is still a relatively new product, with fewer available extensions and developers.
4. Boasting better user experience for admin users.
5. Magento V1 is still good.

Should I stay then? 
In the short term, it’s faster and easier to stay in Magento 1. More extensions are available but they will be supported only till 2018. So an upgrade is inevitable in the future. Also we can be sure that developers will focus on the new version.

We can conclude that the upgrade benefits new users and their websites and the older users can still benefit from their current state. But the best approach would be to investigate the project and make appropriate decisions. If you are still hesitant about taking a decision, why not get in touch with professional Magento developers. Find a reputed Magento web development company and seek their expertise in migrating your website.

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