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For web development, there are several open-source platforms within the market. However, choosing the correct one as per varied requirements, latest trend, weighing the pros and cons of the technology will give you the desired results for your business. Talking about the latest trend in the market, Laravel is being observed as an emerging technology used by many enterprises for web development.

Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks developed by Taylor Otwell in June 2011. Otwell was a .NET programmer and loved PHP coding. To provide all the benefits in one framework, he came up with Laravel. During its early days, it was used as an extension to CodeIgniter which later turned into a full-functioning framework. It hosts more than 50K websites on the Internet today and being a top preference of most of the web developers around the world. It not only has exceptional features but also it is supported by a big network of 40K+ developers that made the development a lot simpler.

Like any other framework, Laravel too has its advantages and limitations. Let’s check them out and decide if this framework could give you what you are looking for:

Adding functionalities is fun:

Object-Oriented Libraries make Laravel a top choice amongst IT developers. Unlike other PHP frameworks, it has Authentication library and other pre-installed libraries. It is an easy technology to learn, but that does not mean that it doesn’t have any advanced features. It has features like password reset, check for active users on a website, Bcrypt hashing, Cross-site Request forgery protection, and encryption.

No long codes with Laravel Development:

Laracasts, a platform that has tutorial videos as per the level of learning – beginner or expert, it helps developers solve the complex coding issues. Professionals and experts create the content available on Laracast with clear and established instructions that enable any developer in developing optimized codes. There are free, and few paid tutorials at a very minimal cost. It is a beneficial tool to train and learn Laravel technology.

A built-in Project Environment:

Laravel’s integrated project environment tool called Artisan lets a developer skip the repetitive and tedious programming duties that most of the developers with other technologies have to perform manually. It makes coding less complicated and manageable. It gives a smooth control over the database structure so one can create robust codes for varied requirements.

Create Attractive Applications:

Blade templating engine is one tool that gives your website an edge over others. This engine is pretty instinctive and works effortlessly with standard HTML/PHP. Developing layouts has become a cakewalk for Laravel developers in India because the templates are light-weighted. This also means that the websites would load faster and we can use many JS and CSS widgets which would attract more traffic.

Provides Security:

Despite the fact that there may be no framework that is absolutely safe from online dangers and it is based upon on a Laravel developer, how one writes the code and its form. However, Laravel framework provides an enormous degree of security measures that are not found with any other open-source framework. Laravel offers CSRF tokens which deal with safety. These tokens monitor each request on the POST and protect from a threat that has been changed to GET from POST.

Not all frameworks are perfect. Each framework would have some limitations. What important is that it gives a few options for its cons or some extra advantages. Here are Laravel’s few limitations:

  • Laravel is lightweight, so it has a lot much less in-built help in compare to Django and Ruby on rails. However, this trouble can be resolved by integrating 3rd party tools, but for large and very custom web sites it is a complicated task.
  • The core files of Laravel are all in the Laravel Namespace. So, not all files use a namespace slash (a\) in front of a call to link to core document making an extension of classes a little trickier. However, if you hire an expert Laravel developer, you need not worry about it because they would know how to overcome this problem.

Laravel Development with Atlas SoftWeb:

At Atlas, our expert Laravel developers created magic by developing our client’s real estate website. Blossom Valley Specialists is based in San Jose CA, and they are into helping customers sell their properties through advanced technology tools and guidance of the real estate agent. Front-End development is done in Laravel technology. Using its benefits at our best, you will observe that the average loading time of the website is about 3.0 seconds with a total page size of 1.75MB.

The main objective was to gain maximum leads through this website. And thus, we landed into Laravel development for this website due to its advantages that aided their focus. The payment gateway wasn’t needed here. If you have already navigated through the pages, you must have noticed that the website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. This all is possible with Laravel development services. At Atlas, our developers can also integrate Laravel with major technologies like WordPress, Magento, and Drupal.

So, if you have something similar in mind, and if you think your idea can be implemented in the form of a successful and fully functional website, hire a Laravel developer in India at Atlas SoftWeb. Contact us today for a FREE quote!

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