Know Why Magento Enterprise Edition is a Must for Your Success

Most of the phones today are powered by the most powerful Android. And most of the ecommerce stores today are powered by the most powerful ecommerce development platform Magento. And the kings and queens of the market aka consumers are using the most interactive device cell phone to make all their purchases. Hence it becomes important for Android and Magento to come together to please the kings and queens of the market.

Magento is known to enhance online store’s performance and Android is known to enhance your mobile’s performance. How would it be if both of them combined? You need not wait long to see the result, for we already have Enterprise Edition of Magento especially modified to work on Android phone. It allows you to say and show lot more to your customers without saying much.

There are many benefits of the Enterprise Edition. Here are some of the ways in which it can help you:

• Engage your customers in you i.e your online store from beginning to end
• Enhance your customer’s experience on your store
• More options for filters and improved site navigation
• Customise offers, promotions and coupons for specific customers based on their buying history
• Sell more by referring, up selling and cross selling
• Be on the top with effective SEO
• Implement advanced pricing rules and increase your sales
• Optimize category pages for all products listed on your site
• Enhance product search and make it easy for your customers to find the products they need
• Know and understand your customers better
• Sell by selling the reviews, promote reviews

Though we have attempted to include all the benefits of the edition, obviously it is going to be more beneficial to you. Besides all these the biggest benefit of Magento Enterprise Edition is that it also allows you to create your own Magento application without much fuss. It is truly a tool most beneficial and necessary for your mobile store.

Resourced From:Enterprise Edition, SDK for Android, and New Security Patch

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