It’s Official! Atlas SoftWeb Is A Google Partner Agency

We are excited to announce that Atlas SoftWeb is now an official Google Partner Company. On our road to success in offering top-notch website development and eCommerce solutions, we have reached yet another milestone. It is indeed a new and a huge milestone for us as a leading digital marketing company. 

In terms of online advertising, Google doesn’t need an introduction. It is regarded as the Internet’s king when it comes to online advertising.

What are Google Partner Agencies?

The advertising firms that are authorised to offer Google Ads services are known as Google Partners. Companies or agencies must meet the strict criteria set by Google to demonstrate their proficiency in product expertise and advertising.

Companies that offer advertising services and are skilled to run Google Ads, qualify as Google Partners since they have a track record of executing effective campaigns. Being a Google Partner signifies that we have in-depth expertise in Google Ads and the ability to manage effective campaigns.

Atlas SoftWeb As A Google Partner Agency 

Atlas SoftWeb has fulfilled all criterias to become a Google Partner.

Our marketing team’s devoted efforts and hard work have paid off. Atlas SoftWeb has earned the Google Partner badge by demonstrating sufficient mastery and skill in Google Ads. We received the Google Partner badge after Google performed an audit of our Google Ads management account criteria. Our staff has successfully completed the certification tests, shown proficiency in Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) and met the following Google requirements:


We have achieved the required minimum optimization score of 70% and have successfully displayed good performance when running Google Ads.


Over the course of 90 days, we were able to use several accounts to spend a minimum of $10,000 on Google Ads.


 Our Google Ad Strategies are certified and you can rely on them to run various ad campaigns.

How Will This Achievement Benefit Our Clients?

One of the crucial foundations of contemporary paid marketing strategies is Google Ads. Google offers Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing strategies to increase lead generation and conversion rates. To target the correct demographic and get the most of your advertising budget, it is crucial to strategically organise your advertising campaign.

Inexperienced marketing agencies can increase your marketing spend, choose an incorrect audience that might increase your CPC, and prevent you from hitting your conversion goal.

Our clients can gain from working with a Google Partner Agency like us when using Google Ads in a wide range of ways. The following are some significant advantages of working with a Google Partner Agency:

Google Partners have complete knowledge:

Google Partners are businesses or organisations that have a comprehensive understanding of Google Ads and can assist you in running the most effective ad campaign. You can be confident that your marketing campaign will be successful if you work with a Google Partner company since they will make sure the right people see it.

Google Partners are Always Up-to-Date:

The companies are qualified to get timely training and information about the most recent Google Ads improvements after receiving the Google badge. In order to ensure that they are knowledgeable about the most recent modifications and upgrades, Google partners must also pass the examinations. Because Google Ads are always changing and evolving, Google Partners are continuously aware of the most recent modifications.

Google Partners Offer Expert Services:

It is more important to keep your Google Partner credential than to earn one. Google constantly examines and checks that its partners are upholding a set of requirements. To continue as partners, they must uphold the highest standard of service and demonstrate excellence. As a result, they provide their customers high-quality expert services.

Google Partners are Always Ahead of the Curve:

Google Partners are constantly one step ahead of the competition since they get access to Google Beta Features. They can communicate with Google directly. Therefore, Google partners can speak with Google directly if they have any problems. Additionally, Google continuously trains them to ensure that they are familiar with the newest features and know how to use them.

Why Prefer Atlas SoftWeb As Your Digital Marketing Agency? 

1. Our Proven Results – We have helped our clients achieve 50% increase in sales in the first year itself.

2. ROI – We have track record of spending minimum in advertisement and getting maximum conversion

3. Our services have been successful for the education sector – branding and admission applications, retail, stationary, real estate, & FMCG sector.

Atlas SoftWeb has demonstrated competence in online marketing and can be one of the greatest options for a successful marketing campaign because it can assist in identifying the right target market, enhancing conversions, and maximising the use of the marketing budget.

Looking for the best online marketing company? Contact Atlas SoftWeb today! 

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