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International society of cardiovascular pharmacotherapy


ISCP is a part of the world Heart federation and is working on creating awareness and spreading information regarding cardiovascular pharmacotherapy. It holds open discussion forums on issues related to cardiovascular pharmacotherapy and promotes education, research and clinical practises regarding the same.


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Key Solutions Offered

  • Installation and Configuration of WordPress

  • Converting PSD to WordPress

  • Appealing WordPress design

  • WordPress theme customization

  • Added dynamic section as per client requirement

  • Membership functionality

Our Role

We converted PSD into WP and built the website from scratch. Thereby we developed a suitable WP theme and customised it according to client requirements. The main feature of this website is applying to membership feature. We created a seamless and easily membership website through which doctors from all around the globe can join the community. This website has many sub categories like e-learning, expert reviews, publications etc

International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy - WordPress

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