Increasing Lead Generation with Marketo

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Increasing Lead Generation with Marketo

What is Marketo?
Founded in 2006, Marketo today has become a leading vendor in the space commonly known as “Marketing Automation”.

Marketo provides a cloud-based engagement marketing software which enables organizations to engage in engagement marketing. This platform enables the execution, management and analytical measurement of marketing activities and customer interactions. With Marketo, you can design, build, and market the engagement marketing platform with integrated applications which include marketing automation, email marketing, mobile engagement, social marketing, digital ads, web personalization, marketing analytics, predictive content, marketing calendar, and sales insight.

What can you do with Marketo?

  • Lead Management – Customers often make decisions regarding someone’s products or services even before interacting with the sales team. Lead management with Marketo can help you attract, engage and nurture your potential customers and make them interested in you through personalized campaigns.

  • Email marketing – People receive hundreds of marketing emails daily. With Marketo, you can indulge in a well thought of email campaign by scaling potential customers and responding to them on the basis of what they do or don’t do.

  • Consumer Marketing – Consumer engagement and loyalty are important for driving purchases. With Marketo, you can acquire right customers and engage with them and achieve consumer loyalty.

  • Mobile Marketing – Mobile interactions are a key part in customer interaction. With Marketo’s mobile marketing solution, you can deliver relevant and cross-channel experiences by interacting with your users based on their app activity, behavior or location.

How can Atlas Softweb help organizations reap benefits of Marketo?

Landing pages are extremely important for lead generation i.e getting visitors to convert. Even though landing pages have such a crucial part to play, its importance is often overshadowed by home pages. Moreover, there is a great disconnect between the importance of landing pages and their use by marketers. Atlas can help organizations reap the benefits of Marketo by using landing pages to supplement their automation. By using landing pages appropriately, organizations can increase conversion rates substantially.

The goals of creating landing pages can vary; from promoting a particular e-book, subscribing to your newsletter or getting your users signed up for a new service. Whatever the goal is, a landing page should have the ability to elicit customer action. Atlas makes professional looking, relevant and optimized landing pages that elicit higher customer actions. By using elements like appropriate forms, form profiling, dynamic content, CTA’s, compelling headlines, A/B testing and more, landing pages created by Atlas have the ability to reap higher conversion rates.

Every business is different, so every landing page will have a different trait. However, at Atlas we comply with the following practices to ensure that the landing page fulfills its purpose.

>> Appropriate template and layout

>> Proper graphics

>> Relevant content

>> Call to Action

>> White papers, registrations etc,.

>> Confirmation

>> Testing

With Marketo and landing pages, Atlas can help you build lead generating campaigns that can add more prospects to your business’s sales funnel.

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