Important SEO Techniques to Follow

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Important SEO Techniques to Follow

Whether you are just getting your business in the online world or still working on the ways to boost your online presence, it might be wise to try WordPress. Started out as blogging platform, WordPress has now evolved into a full-fledged web development platform. Powering millions of websites worldwide, this open source technology has been fruitful in developing highly interactive, appealing and responsive websites. So, if you have made up your mind and decided to launch your brand new website with WordPress, then it is also essential to think about the Search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Following the right SEO strategies can drive traffic, increase conversion rates and generate revenue to your online business. Below listed are a few practical cues that you may follow in order to optimize your site for maximum SEO results.

1. Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools setup: When it is about evaluating and assessing the traffic and traffic sources, you need Google Analytics and webmaster tools. Both the tools help in monitoring the performance of a website in terms of search engine rankings. Moreover, it also provides you a detailed report on web traffic, traffic sources, keywords, audience behavior, demographics and more.

2. Canonicalization: Using good canonicalization is essential to improve the page ranking of a website. Approach used by Google in choosing the best URLs is termed as canonicalization. Using canonical tags in the URL helps in strengthening the website profile and ranking across the virtual platform.

3. Content: Always remember, content is king. Having appealing yet unique content is crucial to generate page traffic. Pay heed to the best keyword optimization practices when creating meta description, title, content, HTML codes and more. The recommended character limit of title is 50 to 65, whereas ten keywords are best accommodated on a single page. Keyword relevancy and density plays integral role.

4. Meta keywords and description: The short and precise information that appears on the search engine result pages is termed as meta description. Character limit of meta description must be under 156. You may make use of the WordPress SEO plugins such as WP Meta SEO, All in One SEO Pack and Yoast SEO for creating the perfect meta keywords and description.

5. Header tags: Header tags, termed as H1, H2, H3 or H4, allow the search engines to locate the major headlines of a web page. Moreover, it also helps the search engines in retrieving the most relevant results to the users. H1 tag is used for the page title, H2 tag for different page sections and H3 and H4 tags are used for sub headings.

6. Page URLs: URLs to the weblog posts, categories and tag archives are termed as permalinks. Optimizing the permalink structure settings with the most relevant keyword is essential as it helps the search engines to retrieve the best link match for the users.

7. Image optimization: Relevant and clear images with informative content can always drive up the search engine rankings. At the same time, optimizing the image is important to avail better rankings. Additionally, make it a point to keep the file size low as it would help in reducing the loading time. Take advantage of EWWW Image Optimizer WordPress plugin to optimize and upload the images automatically to your website.

8. Page loading speed: Loading speed of a website has a key role in the ranking and conversion rates. Online visitors never prefer to wait for a website that takes more than three seconds to load and it would result in loss. Include the page speed online tool like Disable Page Revision and Google Pagespeed Insights for better results.

9. Internal linking: Effective link building is important to improve the page rankings on the web. Free WordPress plugins like WP Internal Links Lite helps in creating internal links tailored for the best results.

10. Set WordPress Plugins: WordPress is loaded with an ample amount of SEO plugins that can add boost to your search engine strategy. So whether it is about security concerns, database storage or file backup issues, make the most out of WordPress plugins.

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