How to Retain Your Holiday Shoppers?

Holiday seasons have started and it is the most awaited season for online retailers and merchants. Now, it is actually the right time to start preparing for the New Year – 2016. The earlier you start planning and preparing for 2016, the better your business will be in driving traffic, sales and revenue. No need to repeat the spiel that personalization is crucial to build better customer relations and brand reputation. So as you gear up for a new year, make it a point to add some extra efforts to generate long-term happy customers who return to your store even after the holiday deals and seasonal offers are over. Below listed are some tips that you may follow in order to retain your holiday shoppers.

During the holiday season, your e-store receives a lot of new traffic. You may take advantage of this new traffic by collecting their email addresses for re-targeting in 2016. Pop-ups with amazing discounts or cash backs can be offered in exchange for a subscription or new sign up. Use the collected email data to re-target the customers in upcoming year with highly personalized recommendations or deals. Sending automated follow up emails can also be a great way to entice customers back to your store.

If the customers haven’t visited the stored for a long time, reach out to them through ‘we miss you’ mails. Make sure to include highly personalized product recommendations in the email. Displaying personalized Facebook ads in customer’s news feed is also an ideal option to re-engage the customers. You may consider the consumer’s browsing history and previous purchase details in order to find personalized product recommendations.

Though there might be new traffic and purchase in the late December, the chances of getting a few returns and exchanges are also higher. You may make the best use of this situation by displaying attention grabbing deals and product recommendations on the home page. When the customers come back to your store looking for replacements or checking for return policies, greet them with the hottest deals to pique their interest.

Make your customers feel special by thanking them for their business with your store. Sending them small gifts, incentives or personalized messages can be great. Such exceptional customer service strategy from your side may prove beneficial in the upcoming years.

So, these are some of the actionable tips that you may put into practice for attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones.

Originally Published: 7 Actionable Personalization Tips to Retain Your Holiday Shoppers in 2016

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