How to Plan a New Product Launch Through Social Media Platforms?

Plan a new product launch Social Media Platforms

Planning a social media product launch is a fantastic way to gain new followers, increase sales, and convert your current audience into consumers.

Unlike a traditional in-store promotion, marketers can now reach thousands of potential customers when they launch a new product on social media.

It’s not as simple as releasing a single post on launch day, though. A successful product launch necessitates meticulous preparation and planning. You just have to follow some ideal social media strategy for the product launch. 

Did you know? As per the 2021 reports of Statista, social media was used by 3.6 billion people in 2020. And it is predicted to increase to 4.41 billion by 2025.

Online users spend an average of around 145 minutes on social platforms a day. The statistical data proves that pandemic has pushed people to increase more engagement through online platforms. 

This “social media mania” can be used to your advantage. A must-have is that you must make your social media company profile to interact with your target audience.  Being on social media and interacting with your followers also helps you with ranking on SERPs. Read more about it here

Let’s move to the steps of how to promote a new product on social media? 

6 Ideal steps for social media strategy for the product launch

1. Plan your launch goals

Planning your goals is the foremost activity in every process. In launching a product through social media, a company or business needs to have clear goals and KPIs in mind about marketing campaigns. 

Your goal can be to boost sales, raise brand awareness, increase community engagement, grow your email list, or get more people to visit your website or store.

2. Make your content timeline

Social media product launch needs planning. Prepare a proper timeline for your promotional content strategy on your social media profiles.

It also acts as a major guide for the plan’s “helicopter view” so that eventually modifications can be implemented as they come into existence. This wider view allows users to easily search for stability or vice versa, of a product throughout campaigns.

A content timeline could be like, 

T-10 to T-08 Days: Create hype of a product 

T-07 to T-05 Days: Coming soon, benefits of the product 

T-04 to T-02: Offers 

Launch day: Introduce the product

After Launch day: Promote content related to your products, create videos, guides, etc.

3. Generate buzz prior to launching

Well, this step is wider than others. It includes countdown posts, sharing teaser videos, holding contests, and last but not least those “coming soon” posts. These work as signals for revealing a bit about the product details before launch. Social media strategists prefer this step more for a new product launch.

Your audience becomes curious about a new product. Releasing a product teaser will be hype for your product page. People start anticipating the product and its features. As teasers are a glimpse of the product to be launched, that buzz will build up to have eyes on it until it gets launched. 

“Coming soon” is the term that attracts the audience the most. Like a post, a sneak peek image of the product just a few weeks ago or you can post just or one small glance of the product to make audiences guess it. You can even add in a countdown to stir anticipation.

Organizing giveaways and contests are the best way to drive high engagement on your product. This is a very trendy activity going on many social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. People participate in contests and giveaways to win the product or related stuff for free. You can grab the market with this step by implementing some interesting contests.

4. Promote branded hashtags

It’s very evident how hashtags are trending on a social media platform. Creating hashtags have two major merits for any brand-building campaign. Especially for beginners, the content relating to your launch will immediately highlight. It’s a way of strengthening your brand recognition. 

Hashtags assist to tag as a method for followers for sharing launch or related posts. The branded hashtags are friendly and interactive. It helps strengthen the popularity of your social media product launch. Being a social media strategist, try to make original, easy to recall, and sensible branded hashtags for your brand. Make it easy and use a verb to show what you want the public to do to address your campaign.

5. Know and respond to product queries

When you introduce the latest product, consumers will ask queries out of anticipation. It is a great chance to involve the audience in constructive discussions. 

Keep an eye on the messages on your posts and answer as soon as possible. Pay attention to brand mentions as well. And one thing to keep in mind is that you have to pique their attention while not giving more information. 

Answering the product queries is an even effective source to learn about the audience’s perception regarding the product. It will help you to improve your proposal for a product. 

6. Collaborate with local social media influencers

Lastly, the other practical idea that even large corporations use is to collaborate with social media influencers throughout product releases. It allows brands to reach into the influencer’s follower base while still building a local presence.

You can even enable influencers to make an Instagram conquest for a few days. During which they can effectively take up your content and cross-promote your products—for example, by presenting a live video or posting content on their stories. 

However, one idea is to provide influencers, particularly bloggers, with an exclusive “first try” on your product to review and reinforce. The intention to engage with smaller-scale “celebs” such as influencers adds a new dimension of credibility to a brand, making it more approachable.

The End-note

The conclusion is that product launch can be successful with creative marketing campaigns. That includes eye-catching product’s teaser videos, engaging graphical images, etc. on social media to get into users ‘Notify me’ list. Hopefully, you have got an answer about how to promote my product on social media?

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