How to increase engagement through your website design?

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How to increase engagement through your website design

The objectives of a website can be many; increasing customer traffic, explaining your products or services, making a brand identity, more sales and so forth. Though such objectives can be many but all of them revolve around one factor i.e. customer engagement.

Though by using creative visual elements that instantly catch the eyes of its visitors, can allure customers, but this doesn’t achieve our objective of customer engagement. Customer engagement is a lot more than the eyes can see. A website designed with a purpose which clearly states its meaning along with beholding a “wow factor”, can help us achieve visitor interaction and boost engagement.

Here are a few tips with which you can increase engagement through your website design:

1. Strong content:
A website with strong content that grabs user’s attention and keep them intrigued is more likely to retain customer engagement. The key to a successful website is having clear, relevant and keyword-rich content that delivers the right message with power and conviction. Such keyword rich content will increase your search engine optimization and make your site appear higher in the search engine rankings. Good content is the one that clearly provides information about the purpose of your website and educate customers about how the expertise of the company can help them. Providing users with the information that they’re looking for in a clear and easy way can help keep users on your site and increase conversions.

2. Rich media:
When a website includes only text, there are two possible outcomes. Either the user will clearly understand it or they will struggle. Rich media reduces this struggle and provides a rich user experience. Rich media is a combination of text, visual, audio and interactive elements that can encourage activity and engagement. It can be used to educate users about your company’s expertise whilst guiding them for providing some kind of input. In this mobile word, people tend to stay on one website for a very little amount of time. Rich media has the capacity to attract the user’s attention right away, keep them interested and thus serving your purpose of delivering information.

3. Riveting CTA’s:
The best way to encourage conversions is through riveting CTA’s by the way of buttons, links or images. CTA’s provide support to rich media and content. You can keep your users interested in your website by rich media and rich content and through CTA’s, you can compel them to take actions like subscribe, request a quote, share or add to cart or buy now hence leading your users through the sales funnel. In a website that is strategically planed, CTA’s can boost customer engagement in way that is natural, exciting and also coherent with your business.

4. Blogs:
One of the most valuable benefits of blogs is their ability to improve your website’s SEO. Blogs can be useful in providing information about various aspects of your company, explain your products or services, motivate users to take an action and also bring in more customers to your website. Informative blogs will keep the users engaged and compel them to return to you website for more such information. Blogs will allow you to generate relevant inbound links, this along with SEO, will help you increase traffic to your website and increase the length of time that visitor stay in your website.

5. Social media integration:
The use of social media has gone beyond mere social interaction and today is serving as a great platform for business to showcase themselves. Integrating social media along with other mediums in your web design can increase the scope of your business by providing an opportunity to get involved with your customers. Social media integration empowers your online presence and makes potential customers aware of your products or services. Integrating social media is a win-win for both the parties. The company can boost customer engagement by communicating with its target audience in a casual setting, understand their needs and buying behavior and on the other side it gives the users a chance to personally know the company. It is the best way to build a friendly rapport and a trust bridge.

6. Responsive design:
No matter how visually attractive a website maybe, it is only a half equation if it doesn’t work well. It is imperative that your website looks well and works well. A responsive web design is imperative to provide a gratifying web experience. Responsive web design means that your website has the ability to adapt to the device that the user is using. The website should automatically reformat to give the user a better experience that is well suited to their device. With increasing number of mobile users, the importance of delivering a seamless experience has proliferated in order to enhance user engagement.

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