How to hire an ecommerce website design company?

ecommerce website design company

eCommerce is Essential for your retail business

eCommerce has become an indispensable part of the global retail shopping framework with sales over 4.9 trillion USD in 2021. It is poised to have a share of 24.5% by 2025. As a retail store owner, your first step towards it is to hire an ecommerce website design company. You might wonder why I am emphasizing hiring an agency to build your online store.  Let me explain.

Why hire an ecommerce website design company?

  • Domain Expertise: Building an ecommerce store using DIY tools such as WIX is easy but the disadvantage it carries is that you lack the technology domain expertise. Your ecommerce store needs to offer seamless commerce experiences and this is only possible with domain expertise.
  • Deliver Projects on Time: Since the online store developer has experience in building similar ecommerce websites in the past, the ecommerce development company will be able to deliver projects on time. Proper project estimation and delivery will help you plan your marketing and promotion campaigns in a timely manner.
  • Deliver Great Results: A customized ecommerce website built by expert website developers helps deliver online success. An ecommerce website developer will help achieve key performance indicators such as touch points, impressions, customer journey, and user experience enhancements while maintaining Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Create a World Class E-Commerce Website: Isn’t that what you want? Even your customers would desire to have an ecommerce website that offers them a seamless experience and quick checkouts. Hire an ecommerce website development company to build secure, robust, and advanced world-class ecommerce websites. These developers build stores that are compliant with industry standards.
  • Saves Time & Money: Time is essential while developing your ecommerce website. The more time you take, the more the cost of the project. A wrong approach to coding could also lead to rework and challenges such as website security issues. Hiring ecommerce development agency will help you save time and money while developing a quality ecommerce website.

How to hire ecommerce developers?

  • Review portfolio: Your store development company should have strong experience in ecommerce. This can be validated by requesting their portfolio. One must check the portfolio and visit some of the websites developed by the agency. This will help ensure the quality of their deliverables including the UI/UX.
  • Check testimonials: Sometimes it is difficult to just rely on portfolios; because they may not be sharing the complete story. We recommend you to ask for a few testimonails from the web development agency. You could also ask them to share video testimonials. This will help you gauge customer experience and also get some honest feedback about the agency.
  • Online reputation check: An online reputation check on social media and the internet will help you make the right choice. Check for positive and negative reviews and electronic word of mouth shared by customers. There are review portals such as Clutch where customers share honest and unbiased reviews.
  • Speak to stakeholders: Finally, the whole reason to hire an ecommerce website development company is to provide yourself with a cushion for situations where the developer decides to quit the project. The company is entitled to offer you a replacement in such cases. Your association is mainly with the company. If you plan for ongoing development and maintenance plan then it is good to speak to stakeholders from management. This will help you to establish a working relationship with the organization. You will feel more confident by doing so before making your decision.

Requirements of an ecommerce development company

  • Credibility: Does the agency you are about to hire have credibility in the market? Do not hire a freelancer or a newly started development agency without necessary caution. Your ecommerce shop is your digital store and will directly influence your sales. You can focus on your core sales rather than consuming your time on technicalities by hiring the right development agency.
  • Certifications: Having a certified developer build your webstore will be beneficial. If you are planning to build your ecommerce store on Magento then it’s advisable to hire a certified Magento developer. They know the framework well and have been certified by the community. Likewise, for building a store using Shopify, it is advisable to hire Shopify Partners for your project.
  • Communication Skills: One of the challenges faced during development is a communication gap. Have you faced a situation where you want to get some features built for your ecommerce store but your store developer does not understand your requirement? Well, it’s only going to add rework to your project and loss of time and money. Interview your ecommerce development company to ensure you are able to understand them and vice versa. Tools like Teams, Google Chat, Google Meet will help you communicate well.
  • Collaboration Tools: It is important that you are able to communicate and collaborte with your web developer. This is possible by using proper collaboartion tools. These tools will help prevent delays in going live with your online store. Tools like Jira, Bugzilla, Trello, and Basecamp are a few such tools.
  • Coding Team: An ecommerce store development will involve website designers, ecommerce store developers, content editors, online store managers and ecommerce website testers. It requires team work and you can get this by hiring an ecommerce development company. The company must have these resources available for you while developing your store.

Can I hire an ecommerce website design company from India?

While developing your ecommerce store, you need to find ways to be cost-effective and time efficient. Hiring an ecommerce store development agency from India is recommended for several reasons including,

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • 24×7 development and overlap
  • An expert pool of resources
  • India is a well-known web development hub
  • Many successful case studies of ecommerce

What next?

If you are reading this blog, then I believe you are in need of a web development company. Atlas SoftWeb is a website and ecommerce development company in India with expertise in building stores using open source platforms. Atlas builds online stores using WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Laravel, and custom PHP. Get more insights and request a free online ecommerce store consultation now. We will help you plan, estimate, and build a world-class ecommerce website.

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