Hire a Magento Developer to Build an eCommerce Website

Hire Magento developer

When it is about launching an online store for your business, the most important aspect is to choose the right web development technology. Though there are a number of options available in the e-commerce market segment, Magento remains to be a most sought after choice. Being an open source technology, this e-commerce development platform is available in three versions – Magento community, Magneto Go and Magento Enterprise edition. The most popular version is the free community edition that has been used by a number of merchants worldwide. Small and mid-size enterprises typically choose the Magento community or Magento version, whereas, larger scale businesses go for the enterprise-grade version for top-notch performance and scalability benefits. Business enterprises need to perform a realistic assessment of their needs and goals in order to pick and choose the best version. Moreover, Magento extension development services allow the developer to improvise the default functionality and add the customization it needs.

Hire a Magento Developer From Atlas Softweb

If you have been contemplating with the idea of launching a shopping cart solution on the Magento platform, then it is important to hire the most reputed web development company to work for the project. But with a number of options available in the market, how to find an expert open source developer? There are several factors that you need to consider when choosing a Magento developer. You can start your search by collecting references from your professional networks. It is always recommended to look for the professionals who have extensive experience in multiple implementations. Check whether the prospective candidates have taken any Magento courses, training or certifications. Magento certifications can be proof of the developer’s expertise and practical skills in the web development niche. Always make it a point to have a detailed discussion with the potential candidates in order to find more information about their professionalism, communication levels, and technical know-how. Magento is the best bet to launch a powerful and user-friendly eCommerce store, provided you hire an expert Magento developer to work on the web development project of your business.

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