How To Approach Instagram Influencers Like A Pro? (With Infographic)

How To Approach Instagram Influencers Like A Pro?

Influencer marketing, also known as branded content or collaborating with artists, is a guaranteed approach to increase your brand’s social media reach.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for implementing the influencer marketing strategy, but with the correct planning and analysis, almost any company can benefit. 

Influencer marketing is the booming trend due to the popularity of social media platforms, especially Instagram. It’s difficult to imagine Instagram was founded in 2010. Because of features like Instagram stories & reels and the strength of Instagram influencers, it has become a marketing force in a very short time.

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users, with more than half of them using the platform on a daily basis. Businesses in the United States are also big fans of social media, with 71 percent using it to engage with their customers. Whereas Instagram is used by 67% of brands for influencer marketing. (Source: Influencer MarketingHub

Despite the fact that Instagram isn’t the most popular social media network yet (most popular is Facebook), it is still the most effective influencer marketing platform.

Instagram influencer marketing is the new marketing tactic of the 21st century that is now the talk of the town! 

What is influencer marketing? 

Also known as influencer outreach, an influencer is someone who has the ability to influence others. Influencer marketing is when a person with good engagement on social platforms works with a company to promote a product. The first type of influencer marketing was celebrity endorsements.

Social content providers with specialty audiences, on the other hand, can often provide greater value to brands in today’s digital age. On social media, these personalities have devoted and active groups of followers.

As a result, a social media influencer is someone who uses social media to exert influence. Influencer marketing is when you employ an influencer to promote your product or business.

In 2021, influencer marketing is projected to be valued at $13.8 billion. 

But, finding the right influencer for your influencer marketing campaign is a time-consuming and crucial process. Worry not! We have a full-proof strategy that can help you get the right influencer for your brand. 

The below steps will guide you through the process of approaching influencers in the best way.

  1. Do relevant researches

It starts from searching the influencers, firstly from your own followers’ list. If you approach influencers who are relevant to your business, your outreach strategy will be more successful.

Remember, it’s not only you who are in search of potential influencers. Influencers even want to work with businesses that share their profiles and values to retain their authenticity. It can be best practised with relevant and branded hashtags research. Hashtags research emphasise more on engagement rate. 

Hence, get your influencers shortlisted from planned research. Linking with influential people will not only raise the chances of glowing reviews of your outreach messages. It will also improve the aggregate success of your influencer marketing campaigns.

  1. Design a personalised and professional proposal 

Every day, influencers receive numerous collaboration offers, and they may be too hectic to read them all. So, how would you craft a message that will capture their attention and build a positive first impression?

The direct answer would be a personalised but professional message. However, it means you can’t directly message them on Instagram. Instagram DMs are informal ways. But you should email them by going through their contact information, as it sounds more professional.

If you don’t reply to your first message, don’t forget to follow up with them. It works as a gentle reminder to see your first message. Furthermore, always prepare a track record of responses and follow-up messages in a spreadsheet. It is a professional and organised way to handle the campaigns. 

  1. Schedule a meeting with the interested influencers

Now, you have to schedule a meeting with the interested influencer to discuss influencer marketing campaigns aspects. Maintain a friendly tone and even praise their previous achievements to build a good rapport. 

  1. Build proficient relationships with them 

Ensure that you interact with influencers promptly and professionally throughout the outreach process. After all, your approach messages could be their first contact with your business, so you would also like to make a good reputation.

You can provide an excellent experience for influencers by instantly replying to any questions they may have. This will allow your organisation to come across as a trustworthy partner. And trust helps to build stronger relations with influencers in the long run. 

Wrap up

Influencer marketing will assist you in forming new and stronger relationships with people who can assist you in expanding your brand.

These influencers can also assist you in identifying additional potential clients who would benefit from your products and/or services.

You’ll be able to successfully tap into the incredible benefits of influencer marketing by developing valuable and high content that deserves to be read and shared by creating the right influencer marketing campaign. Don’t dismiss the clear indicators that influencer marketing is effective.

Atlas SoftWeb helps brands grow via various digital marketing tactics. So, if you are a brand who is wanting to explore its options in the digital marketing world, contact us today to discuss!

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