How product images help increase selling online by 56 percent?

product images for ecommerce store

We all have heard a picture is worth a thousand words but have you heard the say “A picture is worth a thousand online sales?” Well, most of us may not have heard it yet, but it is very much true in case of eCommerce. As reported during Baymard’s large-scale usability testing it is observed that 56% of users’ first action on the product page is to begin exploring product images. It also reveals that 25% of ecommerce stores that had product images were insufficient for users and needed visual exploration and evaluation of product.

Why Product Images Are so Important in Ecommerce?

Well think of a scenario where you go to some sellers listing page where your desired product is listed with a solid description and details, but the listing did not have a product image; or let us consider that there was a product image but was blur. How would you react to this situation? Would you make a purchase? Won’t it be annoying and suspicious? Most of us would skip to the next listing. Here are some of the reasons why product images are essential for your ecommerce store.

Attention Grabber: The first thing a buyer on your online store looks is at the images; particularly the featured image. By using a crisp and high quality image in your featured image section, you will make an everlasting impression about your brand and product. If you are clicking a picture in studio, then we recommend you to use white background for your product images.

Better Understanding of the product: Product images offer useful information that help understand products better as compared to written text. Aspects like the curves or the bevels can be better understood by looking at the product picture than the textual description. Most of the times, buyers tend to see the product image and make a purchase as they have very less time for the buying process.

Give a competitive edge to your brand: Build your brand with high quality images. Let each salient feature of your product be visible through the picture. You must realize that your buyers may review the product on your competitor stores as well. It is important to make your products look appealing to give the much needed push for aiding your customer to make a purchase. Good product images act as your brand ambassadors and help you gain customers confidence on your brand.

Increase Sales and Lessen Cart Abandonment: Having images on product landing page helps gain customer confidence and influence buying decision of your online. They also play a role in reducing the chances of customer cart abandonment issues during checkout.

What would you do when you are at the checkout page and the product image is blank or shows some placeholder image? Won’t you drop the idea of purchasing and search for some other store where it has much clear and transparent purchasing process.

Reduce product returns: By showcasing product images you ensure that your customer has reviewed the product look wise and is convinced to buy. Products bought after such reviews are barely returned as the buyer knows what to expect when they receive the delivery.

How should your product images be?

It is important to have the right product images on your ecommerce website. These product pictures needs to be of high quality, stay consistent and have multiple images.

How can you have such good product images?

Unless you own a good DSLR camera and have taken a professional course in photography, accept it that you are novice when it comes to clicking images for your products. Consider hiring a professional photographer who is good at product photography. They are well versed with focus, clarity, aspect ratio and whole nine yards of clicking the perfect product images for your website. Here are some reasons you should consider hiring a photographer:

No camera needed: By hiring a photographer you do not need to worry about buying the right instruments or building up a studio for the perfect clicks. You can pay a fixed amount and leave this headache for the photographer and their studio. The cost of having right images for your product will be much low with a professional photographer than doing it on your own and setting up a studio.

No need to learn photography: Photography is a profession and a business in itself. If you wish to click product pictures on your own, then you will have to learn photography. It this interests you and if you have time to undertake a course, then we encourage you to learn photography.

ecommerce product images
Image Source: PixaBay

Focus on your core business: We would always recommend you to focus on your core business of ecommerce and ensure a seamless functioning of your online store from Development, improvising of user interface, increasing sales through proper checkouts and digital marketing campaigns and getting good product images for your ecommerce landing pages from a business perspective and leave the details to your team or an external agency or freelancer. Hire a good web development company for building your ecommerce store professionally and work with a digital marketing agency to run your promotions and campaigns effectively. Likewise hire a photographer to click the right product images and in doing so, we are confident you will have the satisfaction of sitting back as a successful business minting money.

Advance Technologies: If you have been successful in making your product landing pages look great with the perfect product images then you should consider going a step further with technology. For example, one of the best ways to give your buyers a personal feeling of your product is try-it-on. Offer your customers with a feature to upload their pics and try-on a product and feel how it looks. This is ideal for sunglasses and eyewear or cosmetic and jewelry ecommerce business. If you have an ecommerce store for furniture and home décor, create a virtual space ( View 3D Model) where your buyer can place the sofa or bed in their actual room setup and visualize how it would look. Isn’t that a great way to use product images for offering personalized selling and better user experience?

You could also consider offering a 360 degree view of your product to online customers. This is possible using about 24-36 product pictures clicked from different angles and sequenced in a flow to create a 360 degree clip of your product.

Finally, here are some good tips for perfect product images:

  • Make your product pictures appealing.
  • Using plain white backgrounds are always better to view the image.
  • Consider using a mannequin or model to display for products like clothes, accessories etc.
  • Use different angular images of the product for better interpretation rather than just one.
  • Offer zoom in feature for clear and neat spectacle of the product.
  • Ensure the product images are clicked using a good quality camera and proper light exposure.
  • Edit product images if required.
  • Work on the aspect ratio and size of the picture, bigger and closer view of the product is better.
  • Most importantly do not use blurred images.


Product images play crucial role in online selling. Having a mediocre photo and a professional looking photo of products on your ecommerce store could make or break your online sales. Increase your online store sales by using high quality product images. Email us for a free ecommerce consultation of building the right product landing page for your website.

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