How does the social media influences e-commerce business?

There is no doubt that social media rules everywhere. Be it the start-ups, small business or large scale industry, social media is must for growth. It is the reasonable tool one can ever afford for marketing their product on global scale It becomes the game changer in last 10 years. It is the trend one needs to follow to survive in the cut-throat competition.

Here are some of the social media facts you should know: –

  • The population on internet is 3 billion which is nearly half of the world’s population.

  • There are 2.1 billion users, active on social media sites.

  • Population of people using internet through mobile is 1.7 billion.

  • Almost 90% of people aged from 18 to 29 are frequent users of social media sites.

  • Each one is estimated to have average 5 accounts on social media sites.

The goal of opting social media is to get the potential clients from all over the world at low rates. Surely, it has some rules and regulations to get the results. But it gives the unbelievable boost up for business deals especially when you are considering to expose your product on international level. One of the important benefits of social media is that it is near to free of cost and is easy to understand. If you know how the social media culture works and how it helps you to target your audience, then you are on the way to success.
Now, you must be thinking, how social media can help in international exposure?

Here it is,

Did you know: –

  1. Social media marketing has 9.8 billion Dollars and 11 billion Dollars of investment in the year of 2016 and 2017 respectively.

  2. 22 % of the company hire a social media specialized agency to promote their brand online.

  3. 64% sales professional’s reports closing a deal as a direct result of social media.

Ever wondered why a U.S based company is getting the maximum potential customers from India and overseas? Thanks to social media. Social media platforms allow you to communicate with your clients directly, without the interference of any other media or person involved which was impossible earlier. A decade ago, companies were investing a lot in the advertisement slots for television or radio. And today, almost 10 to 20% of that investment is what you needed for marketing your product globally. Now, almost every second company is allotting a specific budget for social media marketing. Features like pay-per-click will give you potential clients by allotting small budget only. The budget is mostly assigned for paying the social media marketing experts and strategists.

How to make a successful international exposure to your brand?
Every company has the aim to be recognized and reputed at international level. For this, along with excellent social media marketing, some of the golden rules should be followed in order to get the sure shot success.

Being a social media aspirant, you should know how the social media can affect your targeted audience’s lives on the daily basis. Based on that, make your social media strategy to win the trust of local audience. Always update yourself with the current trend followed by the local potential customers.

In some countries, certain social media sites are banned, so people always use their alternative site. Search the most opted site and make the strategy to connect on that. For e.g., YouTube is banned in France thus, French people refer daily motion for video watching. Thus, you can access to daily motion for your product marketing. Another example is of China which has banned Twitter, the Chinese people are using Weibo instead. You can use it to connect people and promote your Brand in China. Always remember, localising your social media strategy will help you to get the desired results and create a trustworthy audience for your brand. Communicate with local people in the native language only. It makes them personalized.

Third important point is to create fresh content. The consumer will always refer to your content and trust what it says. So always go for relevant and fresh content related to brand. It will also help you in gaining the reviews from the consumer’s side.

How the reviews matter?

  • About 57% of the Customers trust and influenced by good online reviews.

  • Only 16% are found to only leave the positive reviews.

  • Over 70% of the consumers trust online reviews and consider it as personal recommendations.

  • 78% of the consumers says that their buying of products solely depends on what company posts.

Fourth point is to engage yourself with the customers. Nobody wants to be ignored. Customers will always love the way you are taking care of their needs. Thus, show that you care for their needs and help them in best possible way.

Some of the most preferred social media sites are: –

  • YouTube: – 100%

  • Twitter: – 98%

  • Facebook: – 96%

  • Instagram: – 85%

  • Google+: – 78%

  • Pinterest: – 67%

The key to get effective branding on social media sites is to develop a good understanding of how the product is beneficial to your customers. Then accordingly, create a strategy on a local level and execute it with relevant contents.

The preference of social media is the best policy one can ever have to survive in this competitive age. Social media doesn’t market your product, instead, it enhances the value of it at global level.

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