How Does Social Media Contribute to Your Search Engine Rankings?

Relation of social media and SEO rankings

One of the most discussed questions among the entrepreneurs is – Do Social Media Platforms enhance or influence your SEO ranking? 

Well, the precise answer is – Yes, It does. 

Ideally, social media and SEO do not directly connect; hence, it does not directly impact your SEO ranking. But there’s a catch to this. 

They work complementary to each other. Indirectly, Social media services have an impact on your SEO and Google search rankings. 

Google has made it very clear that Social Media platforms aren’t among the Ranking factors for SEO services. The Google Ranking factors mention that they take ‘brand signals’ from respective social profiles. 

Brand signals such as likes, shares, reviews, pins, links, etc., play a vital role in indicating the traffic driven on your post and helping your site reach the desired audience. Social media services boost your website’s online visibility by the social signals on multiple social media platforms. This drives more traffic to your website and develops your SEO ranking for your content.

Google Algorithms are working in consideration of searching keywords. Doing so assigns ranks to web pages, which fulfill all the factors affecting SEO directly. Google keeps updating its system daily. 

Hence, knowing both SEO and social media marketing makes businesses do well on both. Knowing your audience on social lets, you develop more focused content. SEO analysis lets you consider what content will attract your social audience. 

In short: SEO and social media are correlated to each other. 

Let’s check out the social platforms you can use to boost your SEO rankings, 

Top 6 Social Sites to promote SEO rankings

For promoting SEO rankings, social media sites help to optimize your site at a broad level.

1. Facebook:

Facebook is a widely used social media platform, with over 2 billion active users monthly. And about a half of them visit Facebook many times a day. Out of this, teenagers and adults aged 45+ constitute a significant audience. Hence, any business promoting themselves on this platform can benefit by reaching a larger audience every time. Use Facebook ads and target your audience right away. You can gain traffic through Facebook in no time. 

2. Instagram: 

Instagram is yet another platform with a massive number of active users. It has over 1 billion users, and most of them are young people aged 13 to 30. Hence, if your business caters to a young audience, Instagram is your go-to social media. If you are into a business with visually appealing content, Instagram will be a huge help. It is the best platform to create brand awareness. Visually appealing content on Instagram can win the game for you. 

3. Twitter:

Twitter is also an excellent social media website for enforcing SEO services. To increase traction on your website, you need to deliver engaging content with some interesting hashtags. If your content gains high engagement, the chances are that your post may trend on Twitter with the hashtag you’ve used. This activity also supports you in achieving more followers. The keyword searches will be more beneficial, as when people search for, they’ll come to your hashtags. 

4. LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is one of the ideal leading B2B marketing platforms which can generate high-quality leads for your website. As you know that SEO and lead generation go together so that the (potential clients) leads can interact and optimize your sale. The LinkedIn search algorithm will help reach your content on the top of SERPs(Search Engine Results Pages). 

5. Pinterest:

People search on Pinterest for inspiration and ideas. It is an image-based social media platform, which are again essential factors from an SEO point of view. Posts on Pinterest are called ‘Pins,’ and you can use your focus keywords in the pin description. Pinterest for SEO can be proved as the right decision for your business’s growth on a digital level. 

6. YouTube:

YouTube has achieved remarkable progress and popularity in the last few years. Visual effects attract the human brain more than written words. Also, video content gives them information by the visual display. The backlinks on YouTube can get you to build your audience. For example, if any YouTuber has used your website’s product and shares it’s links in their description box. This will help audiences to find your website through that link.

Now that you are familiar with these six most used social media platforms let’s look at what you can do to boost up your social media presence,  

3 Tactics for Enriching your SEO rankings through Social Media

1. Share Content and Links:

If you want to boost your SEO through social media services, you can share your content in the form of links on your social media platforms. Content is the best key to drive a potential audience to your website. It also raises more clicks on the backlinks through your content. You can earn valuable views and comments on your site, making your content rank higher in the search results. Social media services are good for getting external links to your content. 

2. Develop more Followers:

A strong social media presence can become highly profitable to develop traffic for your content. So, you have to build and improve your social media profile and try to gain more followers. “The more the merrier” is the best example to understand the importance of quantity readers. As many people come across your content, there will be more chances to rank it at the top in the SERPs. Seek a fair amount of followers for your website and optimize your search results.

3. Build Effective Social Media Profile:

In the previous measure, we talked about quantity on your site; at the same time, you shouldn’t forget about the quality of your social media profile. The well-developed social media profile will enable your content to accomplish the targeted goal. Design and optimize your profile from the audience’s perspective, learn what they want, and apply that. You will surely get the deserving ranks on search results. Social media platforms are the most reliable tool to enrich your content visibility and lead to Google rankings.

Social Media platforms are beneficial for raising Google rankings. But, for an entrepreneur handling social media for SEO and other business allied tasks creates hassle. Hence, to get better results, entrepreneurs hire a digital marketing agency to boost their ranks. 

Atlas SoftWeb is a well-renowned digital marketing agency. We have helped many industries globally to raise their organic traffic and SEO rankings. Our certified SEO experts will analyze your business and make their strategies accordingly. Our social media strategies have helped businesses gain presence online. They drive potential traffic to your website and achieve high ranks in search results. We generate optimum online visibility of your site through various digital marketing strategies. SEO services that we provide have competitive research and high effectiveness with unique techniques. 

Hire Atlas SoftWeb as your digital marketing agency to boost your SEO ranking now. 

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