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Asia is all set to surpass North America in the race to become the world’s largest online market, says a PTI report citing a report by Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). Mobile and Digital Shopping Trend Gains on In-Store Holiday Sales. These are some of the latest news showing the demand of online shopping. It is well known and statistics have proved that online shopping has gained its momentum as majority of consumers prefer sitting in their comfort zone and shop at their free time.

Looking at the trends change, companies ranging from small, medium to enterprise level are now going online with a complete 3D look and feel of their products. This has truly helped them increase their sales as well as build their customer database beyond geographical boundaries. As a business entity one needs to consider several factors that support a successful online sale. Few of them are as listed below:

  1. Hassle free shopping
  2. Clean and modern interface
  3. 3D look and feel
  4. Less typing, quick shopping
  5. Easy information availability
  6. Instant customer support

In order to ensure customer’s good shopping experience, one should build a website that is clean and modern without any broken links or hassles. Modern and clean User Interface [web layouts] that are self-explanatory, less visible text yet information quickly available, and a 3D look and feel of the products with try-it-on or get a closer look would add more values and give enough reasons for a consumer to purchase online. Over the years, Atlas SoftWeb has worked with many e-commerce platforms both open source as well as custom tailored build and based on our experience we strongly recommend PHP Based Open Source System called Magento. A robust MVC architecture built platform supported by a strong community and thousands of free and commercial extensions which could integrate and help quickly build a full grown, easy to scale e-commerce store. Visit https://magento.com/ for more information.

Atlas SoftWeb has a full grown team of designers and developers highly experienced and certified to develop custom stores that meet your business requirements. One of our recent certification was Magento Front End Certification. Our developer scored 61/65 in his exam and has successfully implemented boutique class e-commerce stores for our elite customers in Canada and US. If you are having plans to Hire Magento Certified Front End Developer then we request you to email rrajan@atlassoftweb.com for more details. We guarantee you the best of services at most affordable rates.

Role of a Front End Magento Developer includes conversion of HTML/CSS to Magento compatible theme, work on conversion of layout to responsive nature, install, and setup and configure Magento extensions, customize extensions to match theme layout. An expert front end designer would have his knowledge in Magento Design Fallback System, Layout XML, Template Files, Magento Block-Template Design System, Theming related directory structure, JavaScript, CSS, Customize front end look and feel , Admin configuration scopes and Internationalization .

Know more about how Magento can be used to build your e-commerce store in less than 3 weeks. Contact us now at +91 79 27700576 or email us at rrajan@atlassoftweb.com

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